Acer Chromebox CVX2

The Acer CVX2 Chromebox is a compact PC-oriented business environment with a very clear objective: to serve as a platform to conduct videoconferences. This model uses the Chrome OS operating system and incorporates a high quality camera to video organize meetings with full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Acer also includes a speaker and omnidirectional microphone for audio experience is complete and we do not lose any details of the conversation. Among the technical characteristics of this PC are an Intel Core i7 processor generation or TPM security chip that adds an extra layer of security at the hardware level. The Acer Chromebox CVX2 hit the market during the first quarter of this year for a price of 1,200 euros. We tell you the main details.

The new Acer PC uses the Chrome OS system. It is an operating system designed by Google that bases most of its operations in internet surfing and using my web. Its interface is very similar to the web browser, but increasingly are adding a greater number of elements of a desk. To improve both safety and performance, the Acer CVX2 Chromebox is updated automatically every six weeks. Thus, both the dangers of malware infection and headaches that generate updates on the Windows platform for IT managers is reduced. Moreover, being lighter computer system only takes eight seconds to start.

Acer Chromebox CVX2 2

Acer Chromebox CVX2

Acer Chromebox

Undoubtedly, the primary key of this computer is its specific guidance to professionals who want to conduct videoconferences quality. To do this, a camcorder with full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is incorporated. This lens uses Carl Zeiss optics, we have seen in models of Nokia mobile then Microsoft Lumia and offering excellent image quality, autofocus and automatic image correction when the environment is dim.

We also have an external speaker and omnidirectional microphone, which help us to have a perfect audio experience at all times without losing any details. This set comes complete with a remote control to manage our video more comfortably. The Acer CVX2 Chromebox supports up to 15 participants simultaneously.

In the bowels of the Chromebox are a powerful Intel Core i7 processor generation, which will give us greater performance when using demanding applications. In addition, a professional team could not miss this type including a TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2, which adds an extra layer of data security at the hardware level. The Acer Chromebox CVX2 hit the market during the first quarter, with a price of 1,200 euros

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