Actiongram for Microsoft Hololens

Actiongram is one of the first applications developed for Microsoft augmented reality system Hololens that allows users to create and see new ways of telling stories through holograms.

One of the experiences that Microsoft Hololens promised was to be able to enjoy different stories because we can see holograms with augmented reality glasses brand. Actiongram get this even for the most inexperienced users with a simple and intuitive interface that includes a lot of content and predefined, plus a “holographic study” so that content creators can use people, dolls, objects and creatures to be captured and used later with the program.

Microsoft Hololens

Basically, Actiongram allows the user to capture things in the real world, turning them into holograms, and view them as such in the real world again but transformed as you like. It also allows real-world put holograms already created and create new by studying creation (application developers).

People Actiongram boasts ease of software, saying that anyone can become a developer, and in fact they have created this application with only five people in six months time. Of course it seems easy to take things that are already done and put them in the real world through holograms and Hololens of Microsoft, but since the issue of creating content is another story, in my view, of course.

What do you think this new application development for Microsoft Hololens? Do you think that in the end you can compete augmented reality with virtual reality that is so booming in recent times? You can check all information about Actiongram and see many more videos on the Microsoft web blog with the matter.

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