ADATA card reader Lightning AI910

ADATA Technology, a leading manufacturer of DRAM modules, high-performance NAND Flash products, today launched the AI910 Lightning Card Reader Plus. Equipped with SD and micro SD slots supporting up to 256 GB capacity per card, the AI910 is a device “trialogue”, allowing users to backup, read and share content via iOS, Android and Windows.

The proprietary application ADATA i-Memory allows easy data management, with support for over 40 file formats, ultra high definition video in 4K, as well as files larger than 4 GB. The card reader has a Lightning (MFI certificate) connector and is also sold with Micro USB / USB cables to ensure connectivity without compatibility problems once it is out of the box the AI910 is covered by a two year warranty.

The AI910 brings Apple MFi certification and has been designed to reduce the gap between platforms. Thanks to the inclusion of USB cables and proven compatibility, the device is capable of running on iOS, Android and Windows. By using the Lightning connector data transfer to devices that use IOS operating system to reach 30 MB / s read and 20MB / s write, always depending on the type of memory card that is used is accelerated. Connectivity three-way AI910 offers users a convenient way to read and write data through the most popular operating systems and devices available, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

ADATA card reader Lightning AI910

Available in the App Store Apple i-Memory offers a simple but complete way to manage and share content. It also works with the AI910 to ensure the broadest compatibility, with support for almost 40 document formats, audio, video, contact information and image among them, including the extension of professional image RAW. The AI910 also supports HD video 4K Ultra, access to which is made much easier thanks to the ability to transfer and share larger than 4GB individual files.

ADATA has included SD and Micro SD slots on the AI910 to provide users more convenience and more options. The two grooves also increase the number of devices that source and destination can work with AI910, not limiting consumers to one or the other. The AI910 is compatible with SD and Micro SD cards up to 256 GB.

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