AMD Bristol Ridge DDR4 & AM4

A few days ago there were rumors that AMD brings its upcoming processors based on the new “Zen” microarchitecture in the spring of 2016 on the market. It relied on this motherboard manufacturers, to prepare the corresponding products with socket AM4. Now, however, there are increasing signs that this is not for Zen, but “Bristol Ridge” CPUs is intended.

In China, the first concrete information on the Bristol Ridge APUs have surfaced and they stem from an alleged presentation of AMD in August. Accordingly, Bristol Ridge provides virtually the transition phase of the current to the new platform are: still based on the old architecture, but already new socket and support for DDR4. These APUs are still using the “Excavator” CPU cores (development of Bulldozer) and the third generation of “Graphics Core Next” architecture – as “Carrizo”, the mobile APUs, of which there are so far no desktop versions.

Even a few months ago, it was assumed that Bristol Ridge is for the socket AM3, but now confirmed that they appear already for the base AM4 and thus bring the support for DDR4 memory appears. There are still no concrete product names mentioned, but as a desktop processors are APUs seven with four cores and a dual-core model listed. The clock speeds ranging from 2.5 to 4.0 GHz and there are desktop APUs with 35 and 65 W TDP. DDR4 is officially supported up to 2400 MHz.
In addition, there are also mobile Bristol Ridge processors for socket FP4 (Carrizo), support both DDR3 and DDR4. Similar to the desktop models, the most are equipped with four cores and a version with two cores. These APUs will be with 15 or with 35 Watt TDP.

The next generation of processors based on the Zen microarchitecture with up to 40% higher performance per clock appears on the other hand, as expected, to appear before the end of 2016th A few days ago AMD’s chief financial officer Devinder Kumar had said at an investor conference that Zen-based processors will be only 2017 sales-relevant.

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