AMD Merlin Falcon

AMD announced the new AMD Embedded R-Series, codenamed “Merlin Falcon”, which strengthen the company’s leadership in the embedded market for digital signage, retail signage, medical imaging, electronic gaming, media storage, and communication networking. Designed for applications from the highest demands, the new SoC enclose the latest core AMD x86 64-bit (codenamed “Excavator”), GPU Graphics Core Next architecture of third generation and energy management at the forefront, for reduced fuel consumption . The combination of these innovations and AMD technologies, offer graphics performance and functionality embedded cutting-edge design of the new generation.

The California company has launched three APU and two CPUs for a total of five solutions: RX-421BD, RX-418GD, 216GD-RX, RX and RX-421ND-216TD, where the first digit indicates the number of cores and the other two operating frequency. In early 2016, it will add a new model, even more powerful and able to withstand higher temperatures. AMD RX-421BD, so for example, is a quad-core APU with a clock speed of 2.1GHz in Turbo mode nearly 3GHz. Each core has a 512KB L2 cache and each SoC a TDP between 12W and 35W (in quad-core models).
The most important, however, is another: the AMD Embedded R-Series is the company’s first chip to support DDR4 2400 MHz (quad-core) and 1600MHz (dual-core), as well as being compatible with dual memory channel DDR3 or DDR4 with ECC (Error Correction Code). Finally, the three APU integrates a 800MHz IGP and eight compute unit for a computing power of up to 819 GFLOPs.

The architecture MCU type “system-on-chip” allows AMD customers and a large number of developers to build systems simpler and compact design, while offering high performance graphics and multimedia, with the possibility of hardware decoding videos in 4K. AMD is about a 22% increase in graphics that APU earlier and a 57% on the Core i7 Broadwell. The new SoC AMD R-Series thus meet the needs of a wide range of markets and users, thanks to a suite of options for device support and interfaces to graphics AMD Radeon high-end designed for certification Heterogeneous Systems Architecture 1.0, the first sector.

Whereas the new SoC AMD Merlin Falcon are based on the same core Excavator, we find in the APU Carrizo Carrizo-L Notebook (here a study), we think that the support for DDR4 will soon even on laptops. It’s just a matter of time

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