Android TV Sony ZD9

New details emerge on Sony ZD9 TV. This series, introduced last July, is the top of the range Sony. When submitting were not provided in-depth details on the backlight. Rumors (it is therefore not official news) now try to clarify. According to all three models that make up the ZD9 series would be provided with thousands of LEDs. Specifically we would be talking of 5,184 LEDs for 100, “2304 LED 75” LED and 1,296 for the 65 “. The number of diodes would be compatible with the estimates based on the backlight portions shown by Sony.

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We summarize the specifications: the ZD9 series uses the image processor X1 4K HDR Extreme. The new processor is able to process the images in real time with a capacity of more than 40% compared to the 4K Processor X1. Three are new technologies implemented due to increased computing capacity. The first is the remastering HDR “object-based”. The processor analyzes the image in each scene and corrects color and contrast for each individual object, in order to optimize the overall picture. The same technology is also used to process content SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) and convert HDR (applies a sort of upscaling).

Another new feature is the Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR. Behind this statement is hidden processing designed to create softer transitions, uniform and accurate between color shades. The analyze it to 8-bit processor sources (Full HD) or 10-bit (Ultra HD) and then displays the colors with a 14-bit gradation. On paper, you can then display a number of much higher color levels (for more details we recommend you read the article about the usefulness of a 10-bit panels).

The new processor is also equipped with a dual database for upscaling and noise reduction. The TV ZD9 resort to a series of picture patterns is to bring the contents SD, HD or Full HD to Ultra HD resolution, is to remove the unwanted video noise.

Android TV Sony ZD9

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Even the backlight is completely renovated. Sony has implemented the technology Backlight Drive Master presented at CES 2016. TV FALD speak (Full Array Local Dimming) and then a TV with Full LED diodes placed behind the panel. The difference between a “traditional” TV FALD and the Backlight Master Drive is the functioning of local dimming. Normally this type of solution operates in areas: a group of LEDs can be operated individually with respect to the other, in order to turn the backlight off in correspondence of very dark areas of the image.

On TV ZD9 control work discreetly on the LEDs. You can therefore attenuate or enhance the light emission intervening not only in areas (so not only on groups of LEDs but individually on each LED). This feature allows you to manage the backlight with more accuracy and with a lower incidence of “blooming” (halos that appear when bright portions are displayed in very dark parts of the image). Sony has also designed an optimized optical structure, capable of focusing the light emitted by the LEDs with higher precision.

Obviously there is a substantial “smart” section. The ZD9 series uses Android TV, specifically talk about the version 6.0.1. Design is no longer the “slice of living”: Sony has dubbed the “slate design.” The lines are more or less the same which is also found on other models in 2016. The aesthetic is so minimalist and elegant. Along the edges there is a groove with the colors reversed compared to other models (in black and gold on the sides). On the back they were included of information covering all connectors and the attack for the wall bracket. The rear side has a very particular finish: the shell is not smooth but is composed of a series of panels. This is certainly an original choice that gives a certain personality to the product even when seen from an unusual perspective.

Product availability is expected in the coming months. Indicative prices will amount to 5,000 euros for the 65 “, 8,000 euros for the 75” and 70,000 euros for the 100 “(which will be provided with a double bed: table and floor

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