Android TV Ultra HD Sony XD83, XD80, XD75, XD70 and SD80

Italy Sony has announced a series of new Android TV Ultra HD. Some of the models have in common with those presented recently for the US market. The lines are a total of five: XD83, XD80, XD75, XD70 and SD80. All models support HDR (which will be implemented with a firmware update on XD75, XD70 and SD80), specifically HDR10 and share the same Smart TV platform. The operating system developed by Google provides access to various services and applications (available on Google Play). It ‘also integrated Google Cast and you can take advantage of streaming from smartphones and tablets with all supported apps. Common is also processing of the input signals, entrusted to 4K X-Reality Pro.

Android TV Ultra HD Sony XD83

Sony XD80
The XD83 series offers a cut from 43 “and one 49”. The panels are LCD type LED Edge. There are the Triluminos technologies (to support the expanded color space), the Motionflow XR800 (the motion compensation) and a dual TV tuner (DVB-T2 and DVB-S2).

The XD80 series consists of three models: 43 “, 49” and 55 “. The panels are always LCD Edge LED with Triluminos technology. Change instead of motion compensation: the 43” and 49 “using the XR200 Motionflox while 55 “features the Motionflow XR400.

Sony XD70
The XD75 series is instead proposed cut in only 65. “The LCD panel is LED Direct (then with LEDs directly behind the panel, a solution less evolved than the Full LED). Missing Triluminos technology while there is the Motionflow XR400.

The XD70 series offers a cut from 49 “and one 55”. Again we talk about Direct LED LCD without Triluminos and Motionflow XR200.

Sony SD80
The SD80 series is the second to use a curved panel 50 “(the other is the SD85). The backlight is Edge LED type. Triluminos always lacks the technology and are attended by the dual TV tuner and Motionflow XR400.

Sony has not announced when all list prices: it is known only that the XD70 series will be offered from 799 euros, and that the SD80 will have a TV set at 1,499 Euro cost.

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