APU AMD 7000

The 2015 edition of AMD Financial Analyst Day was an opportunity for shaping future strategies of California chipmaker but also to announce the new GPU and APU intended for notebook and desktop Windows 10. If you have read our contribution on new dedicated video cards AMD Radeon M300 will know that they are able to combine their performance in a system with Gual Graphics subsystems integrated video of AMD APU series A. Now these APUs also include some new models of the AMD 7000 series, previously known by the code name Carrizo-L and part of the platform “Carrizo” in the roadmap of mobile chip of the House of Sunnyvale.

AMD Carrizo
With these APUs, AMD has focused on energy efficiency, trying to achieve the goal of a 25% increase compared to the previous generation chip Kaveri. Progress sensational when you consider that it is completely based on improvements in the design of architecture, remaining unchanged the production process to 28nm. The intention of this generation of AMD APU was to approach in terms of performance per watt with the Intel Broadwell, remember that exploit a lithographic process to 14nm inherently more efficient. If AMD will be able to do the miracle we’ll tell you as soon as we will do some tests on the first notebook with APU Carrizo.

AMD Carrizo is 25% more efficient: up to twice autonomy of video playback

It is worth mentioning also that AMD’s commitment to reduce consumption of its processors is not episodic but in the long term. The company has embarked on the so-called “25×20 Energy Efficiency Initiative” which provides a constant improvement of 25% of energy consumption from Carrizo and with the upcoming architectures until 2020. Target centered at least for the first year because AMD has a duration of Battery doubled in video playback and 40% higher in task productivity over the previous generation of its APU.

It remains the uncertainty about the performance that should be even lower than the CPU competitors made in Santa Clara at least until they reach the new high-performance core Zen in 2016. The gap in pure calculation is reduced, however, taking advantage of daily use ‘ HSA architecture Heterogeneous System Architecture 1.0 that takes advantage of the boost of the video subsystem integrated Radeon, 40% faster than the Intel HD Graphics processors Core i5 (as stated by AMD). In addition to 3D graphics, also, the APU Carrizo can claim an advantage in terms of multimedia performance because they are the first notebook processors with hardware decoding of compressed video format H.265 HEVC. The first Intel mobile processors equipped with this feature will be those of medium-low Braswell, while current Broadwell have only a partial decoding hardware HEVC codec that Intel defines hybrid.
Officials of the AMD APU 6th generation ex Carrizo-L

How it will affect the ability to play smoothly and without burdening the CPU videos HEVC consumer choice? Most likely a little but at least that part of users for work or passion is engaged with the video might be tempted by the purchase of a laptop AMD Carrizo. Another strong point of the notebook AMD Carrizo could be represented by full support for DirectX 12, although hardly able to have a decent framerate with the latest game titles using the only integrated graphics.

New solutions based on AMD Pro Carrizo

AMD also announced plans to release versions of Pro Carrizo that will transfer in the enterprise performance improvements and especially the typical low power consumption of these chips with the addition of technology AMD Secure for a hardware-based security. In optical professional it looks very interesting perspective of having AMD notebook with a battery life proper, so that AMD expects to be able to place his APU Carrizo Pro in twice the number of clients than those currently available on the market. Translated: there will be a wider range of notebook and AIO with AMD Pro.

Carrizo also debut with new labels indicating “6th generation” to distinguish the notebook equipped with the new APU at first glance while it remains in the division series FX, A and E. The APU Carrizo will cover the whole range of supply AMD by the ultra-efficient and ultra-economical E1 and E2 to the top of the range A10 processors and FX, but for the moment the first SKU released focus segment etry and mainstream

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