AsteroidOS Smartwatch OS

A little ‘as with mobile devices, also smartwatch have their own operating system. Not one but several OS, already available and usable. Some examples? The Samsung Gear are based on Tizen OS, Apple Watch runs on watchOS and all others are equipped with Android OS, with a small percentage (that is increasing day by day) equipped with Android Wear.

AsteroidOS is different because it is a free operating system and open source anyone can install on your watch with ease, to have more control over the software. AsteroidOS is a project designed and maintained by a community of developers, but is still in the early stages of development. Above there are the first screenshots of the operating system and a demo video (below) of the OS installed on a LG G Watch original. So, despite his “immaturity”, AsteroidOS is more stable and effective than you think.


At this stage, the operating system has limited functionality: Bluetooth is partially supported and are available only a few applications, then those who are not “experience with the code” must wait a bit ‘before you can try a complete experience. But if you’re a developer and you dug with the coding, the team AsteroidOS is looking for people who can facilitate the porting of the OS on other smartwatch, improve performance and add some basic apps like Settings, Calendar, Weather, Alarm Stopwatch and Timer.

The operating system is compatible with smartwatch with Android Wear, thanks to the library libhybris offering drivers Android. The user interface, graphics and SDK are based on OpenEmbedded, QT5 and QML

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