ASUS Chromebook C202

Apparently the ASUS C202 Chromebook is a chromebook for students as there are many high, with a stiff, cheap materials and compact dimensions that make it possible to transport it in the folders or in the backpacks of school. But in an appearance a little ‘trivial lies a painstaking design and development that makes the Chromebook C202 a perfect synthesis of all the needs that emerged from the recent experience of laptops for Education.

Schools are increasingly organized according to business models, not only in the Anglo-Saxon world, and therefore also their fleet must respond to the logic of serviceability and manageability typical of businesses. For this reason the new educational chromebook ASUS has been designed to be easily disassembled in just 4 steps, well visible in our hands-on video from CES 2016. The lower panel, in fact, does not host hatches for access to the components, but in compensation can be completely removed by unscrewing a series of screws positioned along the perimeter.

The frame dell’ASUS Chromebook C202 is reinforced to withstand drops and spills
This will simplify any maintenance, but not all because ASUS C202 Chromebook also adopts a novel modular design that allows you to replace individual blocks without having to replace the entire motherboard or other key components (and expensive). For example, the power plug, which is one of the parts most commonly subject to breakage, was mounted on a PCB separated from the mainboard, and can therefore be replaced with a much lower cost than replacing the entire motherboard.

The configuration shown at the fair in Las Vegas called the ASUS Chromebook C202A and installs Intel Celeron N3060 Braswell (a new model added to the family Braswell from January 2016), 2GB or 4GB of RAM and 16GB eMMC storage. The low thermal profile of the CPU allows to adopt a fanless cooling and passive with the related advantages in terms of quietness and reliability in time.
The screen has a diagonal of 11.6 “, resolution of 1366×768 pixels and has a hinge that allows for a full 180 degree rotation to allow you to position the display lid plate on the table and share it with the teacher or other students.

The two-tone frame is available in two color combinations, one a little ‘darker and the other with electric blue frame. In both cases, the cover has a relief finish that improves the grip and hide dirt and fingerprints, and there are reinforced edges that allow Chromebook C202 to withstand drops up to 90cm in height. Roughly corresponds to the fall from a school desk or a table and is a point in favor of the solution of ASUS because some competitors claim a drop resistance of 60cm.

ASUS C202 Chromebook also resists spills through spill-proof keyboard, a fact that was reported on the tag of the product and therefore we welcome even though we would be inclined to believe that it might be a spill-resistant keyboard. It is however certain that the keys will hike 2mm well, a feature that should make the new keyboard chromebook ASUS one of the most comfortable ever, superior even to many business notebooks!

Chrome OS is the operating system even if we could not show it in action because the model on display at CES 2016 was a non-working prototype. Concludes the technical equipment of a fairly complete interface for this type of computer, but mainly composed entirely of doors in full-size format that does not require adapters: 2 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI output, a memory card reader and SD a combo audio jack.
The screen of the new Chromebook ASUS rotates 180 degrees
Are you still convinced that ASUS Chromebook C202A is “only a chromebook for students”? Curb the enthusiasm, however, because for the moment we do not know if it will be distributed in Europe and has confirmed the launch in the US in February at a price of $ 199 and $ 219 respectively for configurations 2GB and 4GB of RAM.

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