Asus Chromebook C301SA

According to rumors on the net, we learned Asus to launch the new Asus Chromebook C301SA. USA B & H includes it in his list as the Asus C301SA equipped with an Intel Celeron processor N3160 Braswell quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a 1080p display, 13.3-inches.

Asus Chromebook C301SA

Among the technical specifications we are to highlight its 64 GB SSD in the device: historically Chromebooks have always trusted the online space, often provided free by Google itself to Google Drive, limiting most of the occasions to 16 GB space on board of the machines, a move that has always enabled us to contain the costs of a Chromebook.
With this C301SA, Asus seems to want to reach out to all users who do not want to depend instead archiving online but prefer to have more space on your computer to store files locally and documents without ending up in a short time with the full memory.
The launch of the device should be scheduled for next August at a price of $ 299; It is not yet known whether the new Asus Chromebook C301SA will also be launched in Italy and at what price.

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