Asus Maximus VIII Extreme pro Skylake

For premium ROG series chipset Intel Z170 we have so far presented only a small mATX board Gene. In today’s test model we will look at the top, and also the most expensive. Absolute luxury for players with an unlimited budget, relying on the platform LGA 1151 Core i7-6700K, did not disappoint us. Indeed, it would be bad if the case for plate this category was different.
Compact ROG Gaming Motherboard
Asus Maximus Extreme VIII – The most expensive plate Skylake

There is no need to hide that today a total of more energy-efficient processors (exceptions are found) is no longer so important motherboard for overclocking and operation of such a processor. For ninety percent of users need only a basic model plate. We have seen it recently even test gaming computers that have been mounted without any exception rather inexpensive “office” plates. And it was enough. If you do not have significantly clocked, not extreme board required. I personally clocked want, it’s fun and wringing CPU performance to the limit of its possibilities is what I expect from my computer – simply the maximum possible performance.

Asus Maximus VIII Extreme pro Skylake

For computers, it is the same as with everything, there are components of “popular” for the masses, and then luxury goods. Same with electronics, mobile phones, watches, cars, wine, coffee, clothing, jewelry, houses and even yachts. In short, everyone finds a product in its price level. No need to fret because in the debate, many people buy the most expensive motherboard for Skylake and it will be only a few individuals in the country. Perhaps you have wondered how many people in the Czech Republic just like, buying the most expensive components. Recently I spoke with the producer really expensive sets, computers, and sales of over 200,000 thousand are said to be high, incredibly. The same goes for the game, priced laptops known brands. Tests highest product also initiate major manufacturers in terms of their flagships, the products they sell most of their offerings – thus representing most manufacturer’s ability. It is therefore logical that all manufacturers offer us primarily high-end and lower rows, we must ask ourselves, and sometimes it is even difficult to hunt.

And so today, the highest test the model, and also the most expensive. This board is undoubtedly the most expensive plate for the Core i7-6700K, and if it is after all not that Asus has insured others – an improved model. About him we’ll talk just for a moment. We have a high-end finish, and the next time we look at one of the cheapest game boards. Perhaps you precisely the comfort test, we may be also interested in stepping locked processors that will show on it.

Extreme luxury for players
Asus Maximus Extreme VIII – The most expensive plate Skylake

Today, the test board is the successor already quite long series of plates “Maximus Extreme.” The first model we tested back in 2008, was the Maximus Extreme X38 Express chipset. As the name suggests, we are testing now the eighth generation. Which also corresponds to the number of years each year, Asus introduced a new top model. For a time, but in many lower (Maximus is the highest range, the Rampage is) no longer called “Extreme” to use. The supreme model has always been “Formula”. The last few years, but the model of “Extreme” and the lower part of the series ROG.

This board is a family ROG, thus theoretically pure gaming motherboard with a clear routing in high-end gaming PCs. Since it is also a board for enthusiasts of stepping on board maker hid other features extreme clock. We find the jumper for LN2, the ability to connect an external device clock, voltage measuring points and more. So this album is not afraid or nitrogen supply and robust design is for them. BIOS also provides everything for extreme games. This, however, is expected from the top model.

Picture shows the basic equipment the board. Apart from Digi + power supply board also has a high-quality audio codec (not only him but the entire audio portion is separated), a network card and a special ROG ROG Connect technology. You can also mount disk M.2. I must not forget to USB 1.3 Furthermore panel provides buttons to control the voltage measuring points, support for multi-GPU, and other issues which will be discussed in a separate chapter.

Maximus Extreme VIII Assembly: maximum equipment
Before we discuss this particular model, I point you to still another variant. Asus is at this moment the board offers two models of Maximus Extreme VIII, which is quite unusual. The first is called a classic, and we are testing it now. The second carries the Assembly. Plate shown. The board itself is no different, just a different color scheme. Red is used instead of orange.

The difference is in the accessories. The first is an external sound box bearing the quality DA converter and a pair of amplifiers. It connects via USB. The second novelty is an external PCI-e card with 10Gb / s Ethernet. This is a good offer, because these PCI-e card (10GBase-T) sold a total dearly. Used audio chips are extra class, as well as the network chip. But the price is a premium, and now hold: Czech price is around 19,000 crowns including VAT. The basic model costs around 13 500 CZK. The difference is not extreme, but the general view is almost twenty thousand board for the middle class (category CPU), albeit with similar attachments, quite a few

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