Asus ROG G701VI Gaming NVIDIA G-Sync

Asus has announced the launch of a new Gaming laptop under the embrace of its Republic of Gamers division, the Asus ROG G701VI, a slim and slim notebook that harnesses all the power of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and with a panel compatible with technology G-Sync from the manufacturer, plus all the latest technologies available.

Like virtually any modern “Gaming” system, Asus claims that its ROG G701VI is prepared for virtual reality systems, and could not be otherwise since it equips a desktop GTX 1080 with 8 GB of GDDR5X RAM and HDMI output for such effect. It should also be noted that, of course, it is one of the main attractions of this notebook, the inclusion of a LED-VA panel capable of operating up to 120 Hz and whose refresh rate is automatically controlled by the graphics card thanks to G- Sync.
What more to say of this equipment, because it has a usual processor Core i7 sixth generation (Skylake), you can have installed up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM at 2400 Mhz, and of course PCI-Express SSD storage with NVMe protocol, if It is true that Asus has not indicated in what capacities it will still be available.

Asus ROG

Of course it has a backlit keyboard (Asus has not said that it is RGB, so we assume that only in the red color that have been published in the images as you can see right above these lines) with antighosting system 30-Key Rollover, ESS DAC audio amplifier, Gigabit connectivity and 802.11ac WiFi, and in general all the usual in any modern Gaming laptop. Asus presumes, of course, that this equipment offers everything we have told you with a thickness of only 32.5 mm, in addition to its new ROG Bio-Armor design with Titanium and Plasma Copper colors.

Asus has not indicated either the date of availability or the price of this new equipment, which truly looks very good and remembers the GS Stealth series from MSI.

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