ASUS ROG G701VI ultraslim GX700

Although the participation of ASUS at IFA 2016 will be remembered in a few years for the launch of its Zen3 line in Europe (we refer to them collectively to ZenFone 3, 3 and zenPad ZenBook 3), the Taiwanese company has also introduced new range of Republic gamestation of Gamers (ROG better known by the acronym). The exhibition area welcomed the entire fleet ASUS ROG, but our attention has been given to only two “flagships”: ASUS G752VS and G701VI, two fairly recent models, which share the same aesthetic with titanium-copper design, but with a different and updated hardware equipment.


We start dall’Asus ROG G701VI, unprecedented for us Italians, being the successor dell’ASUS G701VO launched last year in a limited edition for Xotic PC then distributed only in the US market. At first glance reminiscent of the ASUS GX700 and our impressions are not wrong: his frame is in fact derived from that of the GX700, similar seemingly to the G752 but much more compact in size (429 x 309 x 33 ~ 35 cm to 3.8 kg with battery) while having the same diagonal of the display and a more powerful hardware equipment features Intel Core processors K-Series and overclockable graphics card Nvidia GeForce top-of-range.
In practice, G701VI ASUS ROG is a ASUS GX700, however, provided more “hot parts” (and we refer especially to Pascal GPU) and an air cooling system and not to liquid.

Investing resources in research and development, ASUS has managed to build a notebook with the same frame and hardware dell’ASUS GX700 (if not more powerful) but able to dissipate the heat with the fans, without having to resort to the complex cooling system a liquid in the dock (remember?) which is the prerogative of the GX700. It is a big advantage for users, who can then use a gamestation “at full power” on the move without worrying about additional footprint of the dock.
so even if our judgment on this news is positive, we have to record the attitude “schizophrenic” and difficult to justify from ASUS in the notebook sector for hardcore gamer: on the one hand the Taiwanese manufacturer raises the issue of gaming notebooks liquid cooled with mammoth and expensive ASUS ROG GX800, the other, however, produces a machine like G701VI that demonstrates unequivocally that the old cooling fan is enough to handle even the most powerful CPU and GPU.
About technical specifications, ASUS ROG G701VI will be equipped with Intel Core processors to 3.6GHz i7-6820HK (and up to 4 GHz) or Intel Core i7-6700HQ from 2.6GHz (and up to 3.5GHz), with up to 64GB of memory DDR4 RAM to 2400MHz and 512GB of space on Gen3X4 PCIE SSD in RAID 0. the 17.3-inch screen is only available with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), but unlike the previous version, uses a matte panel with 120Hz technology G-Sync, for superlative gaming experience even VR. A Support it, there’s an Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX graphics card with GDDR5X 8GB. Kit of ports and interfaces is broad: USB 3.1 Type-C, 3 Thunderbolt, three USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet RJ-45, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, an SD card reader and audio jacks. The audio sector however is via two stereo speakers with SonicMaster technology and software Sonic Studio, and Sonic Radar. Runs on Windows 10, includes a 6-cell battery (93Wh), but no optical drive.

The dissipation system, which can be seen on the bottom of the metal chassis color titanium through a transparent front plate, is composed by two separate units: one for the processor and one for the graphics card, thus guaranteeing the same efficiency of two ventilation systems to ‘interior of the same notebook.
ASUS ROG G701VI should be available in Europe beginning in late October at a price that will be around 3499 Euros, but at the moment we do not have more precise information for the Italian market. We will update you if there are any news about it.

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