This year marks the tenth anniversary of the trademark Republic of Gamers (ROG), created with the sole purpose of producing cutting-edge specialized hardware for gamers and overclocking technology. The commitment of the ROG team in the design of technologies for the game with the highest possible performance has allowed us to offer gamers a series of motherboards, graphics cards, notebooks, desktops, monitors, sound cards and cutting-edge gaming peripherals in every respect . And every year there are some new features.
Also at CES 2016, ASUS ROG unveils the latest gadgets, but of all the one on which we would like to focus on is ROG XG2, which you can see in the pictures and the video shot at the exhibition area from ASUS in Las Vegas.





ROG XG2 (or XG Station 2) is an external graphics docking station specifically designed for the ASUS, compatible with graphics cards ASUS GeForce and Radeon (but will not be provided by ASUS, but must be purchased separately). In the demo, the docking station houses an external graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti and is connected to an ultrabook ASUS Zenbook UX305, which shows us that its use is not only the prerogative of the gaming notebook, but to any laptop Taiwanese company ( not only family ROG), even those integrated graphics models designed to be more portable and powerful.
The proprietary system adopted by the electronic circuitry allows the laptop to harness the power of the desktop graphics card greatly increasing performance. This docking station allows you to charge your laptop, keeping the user from having to carry its power supply as well as being easy to attach and detach without rebooting the notebook.

The company does not provide many technical details on the dock, but it should represent the second generation of the XG Station launched in 2007 and should have an operation similar to the docking Alienware Amplifier and GamingDock MSI GS30 Shadow. It connects to the notebook with two Thunderbolt USB 3.0 connector style-C and uses a PCI-E x4. Aesthetically resembles the PC ASUS ROG R20, the same chassis and black with red LEDs, but a part of the frame is covered with glass to peer cooling fans positioned on the graphics card.
ASUS did not provide the minimum and maximum supported by ROG XG2, but if it was similar to the solution of Alienware could handle graphics cards up to the powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X. At the moment it is only a prototype and engineers are still considering the ASUS ‘ better interface for the connection, then we know neither price nor availability. But we will be back

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