ASUS Strix line is full of interesting ideas for those who are looking for hardware and peripheral products specifically for gamers. In terms of video cards it has already established itself as the main brand compared to the more extreme models ROG – Republic of Gamers – strictly directed to those seeking the limits of performance with advanced overclocking and cooling solutions. If the goal is to play with quality components, the Strix products are affordable without sacrificing incorporate cutting-edge technologies. Among the proposals to three hundred and sixty degrees of the brand stand out the ASUS Strix wireless headset with 7.1 digital sound, long battery life and maximum convenience experience. We have tested it for a few weeks and we anticipate that we were both impressed by the validity of the wireless connection and the quality of the battery, powerful enough to allow many hours of play before resorting to charging.


Just whip out of the box, the ASUS Strix Wireless were immediately struck by the generosity of the ears the size of 110 mm well coated with soft foam and leatherette pads that guarantee maximum comfort even during the longest gaming sessions. Fully incorporate the ear pavilions, increasing the acoustic insulation against ambient noise, and the softness of the coatings also allows wearers to not feel uncomfortable side pressure on the temples. ASUS Strix Wireless HeadsetLa same attention to ergonomics has been given top to the bow, made with an elastic band that goes to adapt perfectly to the shape of the head of the wearer, without the need to adjust the length manually. Aesthetically headphones are rather bulky due to angular and protruding design of the two pavilions and the double arch, but overall the weight of 350 grams is highly sustainable thanks to the use of lightweight but durable plastics. This way you go to put an even stronger emphasis on the care put by the manufacturer in the development of a product that it pointed first of all not to disturb in any way the player even after hours of use. In this sense, the main feature is of course the absence of cables to force us to a certain distance from the PC. To use the headset you can just a small dongle that, when connected to a USB port, will automatically start installing the drivers to recognize the headset as a device ready for use. The operation with Windows 10 requires no more than ten seconds and the dongle provides connectivity up to fifteen meters away, leaving plenty of room to walk around the room or lounge without losing anything in terms of audio quality. Included there are two cables: a mini USB cable is used to recharge the battery and cable with 3.5 mm jack-type TRRS male-male (pole) to transmit the stereo signal and the microphone of the headset with any output device fitted audio, from the home consoles controller up to tablets, notebooks, smartphones and MP3 players.

From the performance point of view, the ASUS Strix Wireless did not disappoint. The 2.4 GHz connection with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 has a very low latency, which leads to a full synchronization between your on-screen images and what we hear through headphones. ASUS Strix Wireless HeadsetDurante continuous use we appreciated above all the excellent isolation pavilions guarantee on outside noise. The sound reproduction tends to enhance the bass and takes away a bit ‘of clarity and detail to the other shades, critical that we have partially dammed by acting on the balance using the EQ filter. The 60 mm drivers with an impedance of 32 ohms have managed perfectly any type of situation, plus a good 7.1 surround sound, while being virtual and condensed into two small drivers. Also great work when it relates to the directionality and placement of the sounds on the scene, we got to enjoy especially during Overwatch sessions to identify from where the bullets opponents. More generally it is the user experience all round for us confident of this Strix wireless headset: headphones are very comfortable, versatile and an excellent return audio. The 900mAh battery delivers on its promise of prolonging the useful life manufacturer for about 10 hours of Wi-Fi and the convenience of the cable allows you to charge it for a couple of hours during a game session. On the left hall are also present four commands to adjust the air volume and microphone, and of course turn on and off the headset. As for the microphone it is a rigid directional pattern which if necessary can be removed from the pavilion. To complete the package, we think the ASUS Sonic Studio software, which is not required to use headphones, but allows access to some very useful customization features such as adjusting the frequency, the equalizer 10 bands and different audio filters to improve the yield of the drivers as needed

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