ASUS ZenBook Flip

The ZenBook Flip is the latest addition to the successful line of Asus ZenBook and features a multi-touch screen that can be completely folded.

In terms of connectivity, the Flip richly performed for a device of a little more than 1300 grams. It includes, inter alia, HDMI, USB-C, USB 3.0 (2x), a slot for an SD card, headphone / microphone. There is even a separate volume. Also about the build quality is very satisfied everyone.

With M processor, 8 GB of memory and a speedy 512GB SSD performance is fine. Onno: “Unfold, just blink your eyes and you can get started!” The flip with the keyboard is a standard, Windows 10 will automatically switch to tablet mode. Robert: “Very convenient to a presentation.” Onno “It works flawlessly, and after a few days you grab bite back if there is no keyboard. The keyboard section also acts as a solid base, both on the table and lap. Thanks to the sturdy hinge is the touchscreen still fine to use, even if the tablet is almost flat! Very impressive!”
ASUS ZenBook Flip 2

ASUS ZenBook Flip 3

ASUS ZenBook Flip
The Bang & Olufsen speakers ensure that this little rascal stands his ground. Marlies: “It sounds amazingly good for the small enclosure.” And because Flip is passively cooled, there is no annoying fan that can spoil the listening pleasure. Onno: “You can’m also hook up directly to the TV and you have flawless image.”

Marlies Flip interrogated with “Home convential Use” Test PCMark9 and it shows that he is to play moderate to heavy games is not suitable. Regular games, playback of HD video, office work, watching TV and all sorts of other daily chores, however, be handled smoothly. Onno: “For heavier jobs such as financial calculations and editing the ZenBook Flip does not have enough power. But these are things that my desktop i5 with 16GB also stomping on it. ”

The Asus ZenBook Flip is fast, thin and very handy.
Most notable is the long battery life that allows creating up to 12 hours can be worked on the Flip. Especially Robert – who travels a lot for his work – benefit. “I have been working smoothly 5 days on a single charge, an average of 90 minutes a day in which I 4 to 5 times start from sleep!”

All three testers ZenBook Flip find fulfills its promises and that it is a beautiful, wonderfully bright and beautiful ultrabook. It is still not succeeded in a pretty little face for the hybrid function of ultrabook and tablet. Onno: “The exchange between laptop and tablet is smooth and provides new opportunities.” He gives the Flip “thick 10”. Marlies who had a model with i3 CPU, it’s here mostly agree but would have preferred to have had more horsepower. Robert was particularly pleased with the speed and the huge convenience that ZenBook Flip offers road. “Find something that you can move forward for years, then the high-end Asus Zenbook 360 Flip the only choice.”

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