Bang & Olufsen Android TV Ultra HD BeoVision 14

Bang & Olufsen has announced its first Android TV. The rumors circulated in late June have therefore proven true. The new series is called the BeoVision 14 and includes two models: a 40 “and 55”. The design is very unique and in line with the Bang & Olufsen style. Rather than looking for minimalist lines you selected to carry TV with visible (made of aluminum frames) and a decidedly Front “important.” The BeoVision 14 it is in fact characterized by a visible development also below the display. The reason is clear when you look under the oak cover (other fabric inserts in various colors are available).

The space below the screen serves to hold six transducers. There are two 1.9-cm tweeters, two midrange and two 5.08 cm by 10.16 cm woofer. The amplifier section includes an amplifier Class D 30W for each transducer. The front glass has an anti-reflective coating that reduces (at least on paper) the reflections of about 98%. The panels are LCD Ultra HD resolution with Direct LED backlighting. Unfortunately this is not the local dimming (something like global dimming) and even the HDR support.

Bang & Olufsen Android TV Ultra HD BeoVision 14
The operating system is obviously Android TV and you can access all applications on the Play Store. You can also use Google Cast for streaming video: just a PC with Chrome, an iOS or Android device and a compatible application. The operation is identical to that of Chromecasts: TV behave as if the dongle was integrated. There is also a dual TV tuner, support for HEVC, VP9 ecosystem and audio multi-room Bang & Olufsen (if you have other compatible products can also synchronize your TV to send or receive audio to or from other environments).

The latest involves the remote control. The new BeoRemote One Bluetooth communicates with BeoVision 14 via Bluetooth (as well as the name suggests). Commands can however also be sent via infrared. Worthy of mention is the “MyButtons” function that substantially corresponds to the “macro” universal remotes. You can program several keys to perform multiple actions in sequence, such as turning on the TV and set the volume at a certain level.

The TV BeoVision 14 is available with various options (floor or table bases, wall brackets and various finishes). Prices are (unsurprisingly) high: both from 6,365 Euro for the 40 “and 8,565 Euro for the 55”

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