It is not hard to find on the smartwatch market that support voice control: almost all models use Google Voice Search, Siri Apple and the solution that Samsung calls “speech recognition software Tizen-based”. But CoWatch is different: it is the first “smart” watch that uses the voice Alexa Amazon’s assistant, the same service that you find in the Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV devices.
CoWatch with Amazon Alexa

CoWatch was conceived, designed and produced by a startup called IMCO, which belongs to the Cronologics team, comprised of former developers of Google, Motorola and Facebook. The smartwatch has been funded with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where it was possible to reserve starting at $ 159, but now it is available on Amazon for all at the price of $ 299. CoWatch is therefore a finite smartwatch, we had the chance to appreciate the Global Source Electronics Fair in Hong Kong.


Its technical equipment is not to be underestimated: CoWatch integrates a circular display Super AMOLED 1.4 inch (400 x 400 pixels, 286 PPI), a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM, 300 mAh battery who should operate the device for nearly 32 hours (Always-on) mode, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, a vibration motor and a stainless steel case and water-resistant ceramic. The operating system is Android Lollipop based custom release, called Chronologics OS, but the smartwatch is compatible with Android smartphones (Android from version 5.0 onwards) and iPhone OS 9 (and above) to receive notifications, manage files and audio control via Bluetooth.

CoWatch is certainly aimed at those who already know and use the Amazon services normally, but can do much more. Alexa is a voice service based on the cloud, so it works even on the move, sending user the current weather forecasts on its agenda or an Uber driver in the area, check your calendar, read sports results and to add a product in the cart or known to their shopping list. And if you have intelligent devices in the home, CoWatch can also control your lights, thermostat and security system with a single voice command.

New this year is, however, a fitness tracker, called Smart Bracelet. Basically, the device is very similar to many other similar products, mainly to the Fitbit Flex. As that fact also Smart Bracelet IMCO is a silicone bracelet, inside which is housed a core, a polycarbonate shell that constitutes the heart of the device and can be easily inserted and extracted at other bracelets, perhaps to change the product color to according to our desires. Thanks to this solution also the smartband is also usable in water. Like many other wristband also is equipped with an OLED touch 0.69 “and heart rate monitor. E ‘already on sale at about $ 20 on Amazon

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