Crucial MX300 SSD 1 TB

In late June you could read our review of the Crucial MX300, where the 750 GB model was discussed. Meanwhile, the company has expanded this series with models of 1TB, though also a 2TB copy on the schedule. As before, use the new 1TB models 3D TLC memory Micron itself, which is addressed via a Marvell 88SS1074 controller.

Despite the fact that more memory chips are used, performance must match the versions of 525 and 750 GB. That means specified sequential read and write speeds of respectively 530 and 510 MB / s. At random 4K commands extracted consecutively 92,000 and 83,000 IOPS. The SSD has a lifespan of 360 TBW and comes with a three year warranty.

Crucial MX300 SSD 1 TB 2

Crucial MX300 1TB is offered in 2.5. “- And M.2-form factors by former must be immediately available for approximately 260 USD, but what M.2 version from late August will cost is still unclear.

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