Dell UP3017Q

Dell certainly makes some really lovely displays, but the UP3017Q becomes first company OLED panel with a screen size of 30 inches. Let’s get all the details first, but if you are interested in buying such OLED screen, we think first of all you will have to prepare your portfolio for the news that you are about to read.

The main advantage of an OLED display is that the colors appear sharper and vibrant and the screen itself will consume far less energy. In addition, the incorporation of an OLED panel has also allowed frames Dell UP3017Q employ a form factor thinner than its predecessors, not to mention that OLED displays have a natural advantage that, while playing your games favorites, these games seem to move much more smoothly.

Dell UP3017Q 2

Dell UP3017Q 3

Dell UP3017Q

One of the things that really raises the bar is the response time of 0.1 ms and a USB connector type C that can provide roughly 100 W of power, apart from reaching a maximum theoretical transfer rate 10 Gbps, which is twice the maximum limit of USB 3.0 with type a connector the monitor also offers an incredible typical contrast ratio of 400,000: 1 and 4K resolution will make this model the ideal display for both work and for the most modern and demanding games.

Dell UP3017Q 02

We have listed all the specifications for you then, but with a selling price of $ 4999 its capacity to adopt it will be really very limited and we think the price is too high, even for a Dell model. Hell, if even one could easily get yourself a very decent work station for that price, but as matrix OLED production begins to popularize, we are confident that the price of them begin to dwindle. There is more to see what has happened with the rapid drop in prices that have experienced monitors with 4k.

Technical characteristics:
Size / Resolution: 30 “Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 pixels.
Matrix: OLED.
Color Depth: 1.07 billions.
Color representation: 100% for Adobe RGB and 97.8% for DCI-P3.
Contrast: 400.000: 1
Response Time: 0.1ms
Connectivity: USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3

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