Dji Mavic Pro

If a few days ago was disclosed the arrival of GoPro the world of drone with the release of Karma, whose maximum peculiarity was its lightness, without neglecting its performance, the company with more experience in the sector could not be left behind. Therefore just they introduce the new DJI Mavic Pro, a similar drone in performance to his brother Phanton 4 but is so light that you can take anywhere.

The DJI Mavic Pro can revolutionize the market for drones, as one of the main drawbacks of these new players called quadricopters is certainly difficult to carry them involved and transportation. So far a special suitcase was heavy was needed, but that was over, as this new proposal DJI literally fits in the palm of your hand, so you can bring in any backpack. This is because it has a folding rotors that reduce the size of the drone to almost a small bottle of water.

Transportation also will not involve too much effort, as both size and weight is about half the Phanton 4. Basically born with the quality of being a device that allows you to record videos in 4K and anywhere. In the words of the company, have any time anywhere is an air time.

Under its compact and innovative design a high degree of complexity is hidden because we are probably talking about one of the most sophisticated flying cameras on the market. Able to take 12-megapixel photos in RAW format, features a three-axis stabilizer which enables the capture sharp pictures irrespective of the movement of the drone. As we said as 4K video recording (30 fps) and 1080p (120 FPS) and the novelty also records in vertical format thanks to the rotation of the built-in camera drone. All this with a range that reaches up to 7 kilometers and a battery reaches the 27-minute flight range.


As it did the Phantom 4 DJI Mavic Pro also incorporates a sport mode that allows speeds up to 64.8 km / hour. Another curiosity of this device is the incorporation of a DJI calls immersive glasses Goggles, showing a vision of 90 degrees from the drone with a resolution of 1080p.

And your price?
This DJI Mavic Pro and can be booked, but begin not be distributed until September 15. Its price depends on if purchased with or without the remote control. It can be used without command through a mobile application, but it seems clear that it will be much more comfortable with the accessory. In the European store, allows you to reserve it, with the command, for almost 1200 euros … There will be scratching your pocket.

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