DooGee Y300 Android 6

Before the technology in-cell screens were made of three layers: the actual display, the multi-touch digitizer and a protective glass or plastic. This solution was carrying some minor glitches that had tried to reduce by laminating the three layers that make up the screen or printing directly circuits digitizer under the watch glass (OGS). The in-cell technology is a further development because it eliminates one of the three layers, directly integrating the digitizer circuit in the display.

DooGee Y300 Android 6

The in-cell display offer better color rendering because there are fewer filters, have better readability outdoors because they reduce the problem of refractive and at the same time provide a touch more precise and more responsive. There is also another advantage, purely aesthetic, because a thinner display allows slightly file the thickness of the device that hosts it. In short, there is no limit but only qualities, so much so that Apple was among the first to adopt this type of screens for its iPhone. Now, with the increase in production and a more diversified offer, even Chinese brands are starting to integrate panels equipped with this technology.

One example is the DooGee Y300, which will show you preview a video collected at Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Fair. To characterize, aesthetically this smartphone is the in-cell display 5 “HD resolution and tempered glass protective coating with 2.5D curvature. The rounded shape continues along the edges of the frame cut metal with CNC machines for CNC absolute precision, and ends on the back cover anch’esa glass 2.5D.

With a thickness of about 6 mm and its linear, minimalist aesthetic, the DooGee Y300 does not go unnoticed, even though it is impossible not to notice a marked similarity with another smartphone to hit the Chinese House, the famous DooGee DG900 Turbo 2. Quest ‘ last it was one of the terminals most admired about a year ago for its design but it was not without some minor flaw; it tended to get very hot the perceived touching the back cover. DooGee assured us that instead the new Y300 has no overheating problem.

The hardware platform of rest is one of the most reliable and lapped with a processor Mediatek MT6735 quad-core ARM Mali-720 GPU and integrated modem LTE Cat 4, accompanied by 2GB of memory and 32GB of storage. To feed the whole there is a battery of 2200mAh, which is certainly not a record capacity, but it is still able to ensure an autonomy decent and above all allows to maintain compact size of the casing. Maybe going in this direction are the choice of giving up the physical buttons, replaced by four buttons software concealed.

The series DooGee Y groups the LTE smartphone midrange, then the model Y300 does not offer some features of premium as the fingerprint reader. The multimedia sector is quite ordinary, with a front facing camera and a 5MP rear chamber with sensor Sony IMX219 8MP (13mp interpolated).

DooGee Y300 should be one of the first phones from China with Android OS 6 Marshmallow but it seems already lagging behind the schedule. Its official launch was expected in late November or early December, but at time of writing is not yet available from any online shop and our video seems to be the only live appearance of this smartphone

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