ECS H110S-2P Mini-STX

ECS is pleased presents its new motherboard, ECS H110S-2P, developed for the innovative form factor Mini-STX that extends the high performance and flexibility to something that has a size as small as the hand of an adult. The new mini computer LIVA Pro format is based on the motherboard H110S-2P to provide users who understand better performance and to simplify their selection.

The new mini STX (147 x 140mm) standard for small base plates was defined by Intel and ECS as the final form factor to be used in the construction of mini personal computers of the next generation. This new standard is smaller than the more traditional mini ITX format (147 mm x 140 mm) and reduces the space integrated circuit design to create the smallest fully functional mini computer by 29%. However, motherboard ECS H110S-2P and mini LIVA Pro system still maintain different characteristics in its design and its components in such a narrow and small space. Customers have the ability to choose any standard LGA115x sink for the processor for creating a platform that is as fresh as possible when it is running. The motherboard supports LGA1151 processors 6th generation without requiring any special regulations. Only have to choose the right chassis to be a builder of a computer with A-Liter size thanks to the design of the base plate mini STX.

ECS H110S-2P Mini-STX 2

ECS H110S-2P Mini-STX

The ECS H110S-2P and mini computer set LIVA Pro support the philosophy of “less is more” to make things easier. The two new products are compatible with Intel LGA1151 prodesadores with a maximum power of 65W TDP for the processor (which includes almost all processors except the Core i7 6700k) which is combined with the Intel chipset H110. Most important of all, the I / O system consists of SATA 6 Gbps, USB 3.0 Type C, GbE LAN, 802.11ac / BT 4.0, dual-channel technology from Intel and the RS232 port. The devices offer dual display outputs, in order to level of efficiency and productivity.

The ECS H110S-2P and LIVA Pro are better than those based on the ATX / Micro ATX standard systems since they have a lower power consumption and a much smaller volume. In addition, ambps products are better than SoC Intel NUC since they have more options for I / O, allowing the choice of a more flexible processor at the same time ensure a strong performance manner.

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