Elephone S7 Helio X20

The edge display now were one of the prerogatives of Samsung smartphones higher as the Galaxy S7 Edge band, the best offer in the mobile devices also in the price that, at launch, exceeded the 800 euro. But it seems that recently this display technology has become more affordable and widespread, so much so that Chinese manufacturers of smartphones will begin to make use of them in the coming months.

In the front row in the adoption of this new kind of screens there elephone, a brand that now you all know, and that during the 2016 Global Sources had showed us a prototype of elephone P9000 Edge, the most anticipated model of the P9000 series, He has had an excellent market feedback earlier in the year because of the excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics. Elephone P9000 Edge takes its name from the edge of the display which will be provided and will mount a double room on the back of Huawei Honor P9 model and V8.

Elephone S7 Helio X20 2

Elephone S7 Helio X20

The novelty of the last hour is that elephone also launch a first price 4G smartphone equipped with the same screen! It’s called elephone S7 and I will show you a preview in two leaked images. The name mirrors that of the Samsung Galaxy S7, but the design is reminiscent of that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with a body with an elegant iridescent coloring in several colors, including green that had been one of the distinctive colors of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Elephone S7 still has a microUSBLa back cover connector is available in several colors
The first two renderings that we show confirm the presence of edge display but do not really know whether this feature will be maintained at the time of mass production. Indeed, we believe that design can be simplified in the production phase by replacing the edge display with a more common tempered glass coating with 2.5D curvature. The reason is that elephone S7 should have a price of only $ 99 and it seems really impossible that the Chinese House can maintain this feature at such a low price, especially in light of the internal components of which are high-end.
At the heart dell’Elephone S7 there will be in fact a processor MediaTek Helio X20 deca-core big.Medium.LITTLE architecture for improved energy efficiency: 4 core ARM Cortex A53 low frequency ensures low power consumption during normal daily activities, but in case of need they are activated 4 core ARM Cortex A53 high frequency and 2-core ARM Cortex A72 high performance to overcome even the most challenging task brilliantly.
The S7 elephone design reminds us of that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge elephone S7
The SoC MediaTek Helio X20 also incorporates an ARM Mali T880 GPU to 780MHz and an image coprocessor ImagiQ of which we got to show the capabilities in a previous study. We also know that elephone S7 will have a technology called “Silk Swipe” which should provide an acknowledgment of the fast touch without any delay and, looking at pictures, we assume the presence of a fingerprint reader built into the home button.
From the little information we have, it seems that elephone S7 can be an absolute bestseller in its category, perhaps even fetched the light of the announced price of only $ 99, but will definitely be back on this in the next update of news

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