Free Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 is still the version of Windows with the fastest growth of all time and is currently installed on over 350 million devices and used for more than 135 billion hours by consumers. Windows 10 Anniversary Update will introduce some innovations including Windows Ink to write with pen on a device such as a sheet of paper, Cortana even more integrated for daily use and more personal, the Edge Microsoft browser will be faster, more accessible and efficient, greater integration of the gaming part. Finally, to protect even more the businesses Microsoft integrates two new security features: Windows Defender Windows Advanced Threat Protection and Information Protection.
Free Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Windows 10 Anniversary Update is full of innovations that improve productivity, providing greater online security without forgetting the fun. For all users who are already using Windows 10, the update contains new upgrade for Windows Hello and Windows Defender.
With Windows Hello, people will be able to securely access, no password, such as DropBox and other applications and websites with biometric authentication using Microsoft Edge, the first and only browser that supports biometric natively.

The Windows Defender anti-malware software has been improved by integrating the automatic programming option of quick scanning of the PC; also it provides notifications and summaries upon completion of the scanning process and reports any detected threats.

The improvement of existing security features of Windows 10 made it possible to introduce two new services for the benefit of enterprise customers:
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, designed for the detection, analysis and response to malware attacks thanks to the information received by the world’s largest network of sensors and an advanced and competent protection against threats, including a team of researchers Microsoft experts in security;
Windows Information Protection, formerly known as “enterprise data protection” is intended to protect firms against accidental loss of data, separating business from personal ones.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
More than 70% of people spend over an hour a day using a pen. Writing is in fact one of the main aspects of the creative aspects and learning, as confirmed by numerous studies that indicate how students memorize information more easily by writing. Windows Ink, available for the first time thanks to the Anniversary Update, leads writing in the digital daily activities allowing you to write on a device just as if you were writing on a sheet of paper. The user experience with your device is enhanced and even more immediate surrender thanks to:
integration with Office and other Microsoft applications including Edge and Maps
ability to make faster notes, annotate on photos and screenshots, or make an idea graphically
strengthening of Smart Sticky Notes feature to take notes
Cortana, the most productive digital personal assistant in the world and now has more than 1,500 Cortana Apps on Windows Store experience even better thanks to access from the lock screen, improving the ability to save and retrieve information, and synchronization between devices. For example it is now possible to use Cortana without unlocking the screen to ask her questions, listen to music or set a reminder.
Greater efficiency, and accessibility extensions with Microsoft Edge: update brings improvements in energy saving, the use of fewer CPU cycles, lower consumption of memory and a lower impact of the background and content of the peripheral, such as advertising in Flash. In the Windows Store will also be available for Microsoft Edge extensions, such as “Pin it” button on Pinterest, the assistant Amazon and others. Now the new accessibility architecture for Microsoft Edge also supports modern web standards, including HTML5, CSS3 and ARIA. This update exhibit content and page structure more clearly thanks to assisted technology. In addition, filling out forms using keyboard navigation and screen readers will improve the browsing experience for people with different abilities.
Xbox Play Anywhere, fans can buy a title once and play on both PC Windows 10 on both Xbox One, with sync on both platforms of progress and achieved goals. Xbox Play Anywhere will be available to all new titles announced by Microsoft Studios, and affordable on the Windows Store for Windows 10 for both Xbox One. In addition, short Cortana will also be available on Xbox One with the aim of helping fans find great new games and find out what their friends are doing. Cortana also allow you to create your own team, achieve common goals and to turn on the just saying “Hey Cortana console, turn on the Xbox.” Among the features required by the fans of the Xbox, there is also the Language Region Independence that will allow players to choose the language they prefer, regardless of where they are, and support for background music.
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
The new Xbox One S 500GB including the Anniversary Update will be available this summer from € 299. Instead, the limited edition Xbox One S 2TB will be available from August from € 399; It will be the only gaming console with HDR support and 4K Ultra HD video and Blu-ray.
Innovation for schools combines multiple devices from $ 179. A new application for PCs used in the schools allow teachers to configure devices through 3 easy steps. Windows Imaging tools and Configuration Designer will allow schools with IT support to install shared devices in minutes. To test scores that do not allow copy-paste and access to files, and Take the Test application allows you to create a safer environment for online tests.
One of the best ways to get Windows 10 Anniversary Update is to upgrade to Windows 10 before the free offer expires, scheduled July 29, 2016. The upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update will instead be available as of August 2, 2016

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