Galaxy Note 7

In recent weeks much has been said of Galaxy Note 7, the next top range smartphones that the Korean manufacturer will present in a few weeks. Given the many rumors, the information more or less certain and possible early features, we decided to make a small summary by adding some details not published on our pages.

Presentation and availability:

Galaxy Note 7

Pariamo probably with the official presentation. There are now so many sources that report early August for the announcement of Notes 7. This event will be American and that will see the city of New York starring with Times Square that will be invaded by Samsung initiatives and probably a demo area specially made by the manufacturer to prove the smartphone to the many onlookers who flock to the most famous bleachers in the world (or almost). The presentation USA does not coincide with the EU will probably debut that will take place only in September with IFA 2016 Notes 7 showcase.

Marketing in Italy, then in late September according to these theoretical line of communication.

General characteristics:

Galaxy Note 7 is sure to be an evolution of the Galaxy S7 Edge and therefore will have a curved screen on both edges with an angle of curvature probably slightly different and more “vertical.” the larger with a diagonal of around 5.8 inches and will have a new generation panel.

Just the screen still has not really been anticipated but considering that Notes 7 will occupy a top segme nto for 1 year at least, and therefore remain the protagonist also in 2017, it is not difficult to think of anything yet seen. In optics 360 ° and above VR, we would like to make credible Notes 7 already with the use of a 4K panel and maybe SUHD of the technology used by the manufacturer for TV panels.

Assumptions at the time, but considering the release in September and with the certainty that in 2017 the world will change around the GearVR improving substantially, a 4K notes could be a preview of Galaxy S8.

To this we would add a hardware course of maximum level by 82X and perhaps a Snapdragon processor Exynos derivation for some markets, especially Korean. The Exynos variant actually has heard little about it but we can not be ruled out in some countries. More likely, however, that, unlike S7, the Snapdragon is used as an international variant in order to exploit a series of compatibility with DayDream and not only.

RAM, in spite of the many advances, we do not take it for granted in 6GB but we prefer to remain cautious and think that 4GB can be “sufficient.” Considering the history of Samsung and lineup notes, 6GB of RAM consider them possible in 2017 with the S8 series, and Notes 8, which will even have something more to justify the “passage.”

For the internal memory instead assume as the only model with 64GB variant 128 for Korea maybe Dual SIM. Obviously 64GB + MicroSD which can be used inside the SIM tray as of S7. Always as S7 is discounted believe presents the IP68 certification.

As for the battery, think of 4000mAh is not too risky. S7 Edge is a 5.5 inches with 3600mAh and Samsung may be able to add something extra to Note 7. We prefer to believe 3800 / 3900mAh more realistic.

Finally USB and sensors. Notes 7 obviously will have maximum connectivity and it also speaks of sensor for iris recognition. A feature that, combined with the fingerprint reader, will greatly improve security and will open a new world for unlocking and access to private content. Iris scan will be provided by Patron.

As for the USB Samsung could, optic 2017, venture a Type-C although mean making a new Gear VR compatible with Notes 7. Doubts in this case even if it is not a possibility unwrapped.

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