Garmin Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820

Great news from Garmin for all fans of cycling, mountain biking and cycling: Garmin today announced the new series Edge 820 and Edge 820 Explore, two compact GPS bike computers, cartographic and rich in innovative functions to live their passion on the pedals in even more conscious way, whether it be professional athletes than cyclists. The new Garmin GPS for cycling contain within them the strengths of previous models, becoming a must have missed on the bike every cyclist.
Garmin Edge 820
It starts with the innovative function Track Group to never lose sight of its teammates. Whether it’s a workout with their team, or simply a ride in the company, it is really important and useful to have always in mind the position of each member of the group. With the innovative function Group Track, the new Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 are able to detect and show on the display the exact geo-referenced location of each cyclist up to 50 participants via the Garmin Connect Mobile.

Garmin Edge 820 and Edge 820 Explore
GPS, also compatible with the Russian GLONASS satellite system, and the integrated altimeter ensure an extremely precise detection of speed, distance and altitude covered. The devices are compatible, via ANT + protocol, with the Garmin speed sensor, cadence, and heart rate.

Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 are compatible with the series Radar Varia, the innovative system with integrated rear bicycle light that signals the rider cars approaching behind him, very important to increase the security on particularly dark or busy streets. To complete the system varies, Garmin has created Varia Vision, in-sight display device to be directly applied in the eyewear frame and view the recorded data from the Edge compatible with which he is associated, without taking his eyes off the road. To make even more advanced devices in terms of safety, is the Incident Detection ( “incident detection”), or an automatic detection system of an accident or breakdown of your bike. The built-in accelerometer, if the bike remains unjustifiably lying on the ground after an impact, recognizes the situation of alert and is able to send to the emergency numbers saved a text message containing the exact location where the user is located.

Among the two new cycle computer Garmin Edge 820 it is compatible with ANT + with the Garmin Vector power meter that measures Watts expressed by the cyclist, by analyzing and comparing the power generated by the right leg and the left, giving the possibility to analyze the athlete data and possibly make corrections in athletic training. It will also be possible to detect the maximum sustainable power in one hour (FTP, “Functional Threshold Power”) and calculate the ratio watts / kg.

For cyclists who want to store more data on their performance, the Edge 820, when combined with the heart rate monitor, provides advanced monitoring with the new dynamics for cycling, including heart rate, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 Max, useful to derive the maximum aerobic power).

Edge 820 and Edge 820 Explore devices are customizable via the online platform Garmin Connect IQ, from which you can download free apps, widgets (from October 2016), and data fields. Using Bluetooth technology, it can automatically be associated with your profile Garmin Connect, allowing the real-time sharing of information recorded during a ride. Of course you can also download from the portal and upload to the device activities, workouts and tracks. You can also share data on the most popular social networks, and with the function LiveTrack to know in real time to friends and family where they are. Last but not least, allow you to view the display from your smartphone Smart Notification: SMS, push notifications and incoming calls on your compatible smartphone.

Despite its small size, the Edge 820 and Edge Explore 820 are robust and perfectly usable also in less favorable weather conditions. With high-resolution 2.3-inch capacitive touchscreen display, it can also be used in the rain and wearing gloves. A light sensor placed nell’Edge 820 automatically modulates the brightness of the display, depending on the atmospheric conditions, while the battery ensures autonomy of up to 15 hours, which increases up to 50% by activating the Battery Save mode via which illuminates the display only when you want to read data.
The new Edge 820 and Edge 820 Explore will be available in the best stores from August 2016 at a recommended retail price of 399.99 Euros for Edge 820 and 349.99 euro for Explore Edge 820. Edge 820 will be available in a bundle version with speed sensor, cadence sensor and premium heart rate monitor 499.99 EUR

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