Garmin Edge 820

Garmin continues to advance in the market for gadgets for the sports industry and launches the Garmin Edge 820, an intelligent use on the bike and allows consult at any time the position in the GPS navigator. It has a touch screen that can be easily operated even with gloves or wet conditions.

Garmin Edge 820

intelligent navigation Bike
The Garmin Edge 820 provides precise indications of rotation turn navigation, designed for cyclists, and also has a touch screen for easy operation even with wet surface, in bad weather and with gloved hands.

The objective Garmin intends to offer a navigation device for advanced and easy to use satellite, and the device also has other advantages: it is compact and lightweight and has a detection function to avoid shocks incidents during the route.

touch screen and navigation specific bike
Touch Screen Garmin Edge 820 is high resolution, with a size of 2.3 inches and highly responsive to the touch, even allowing handling with gloves or wet surface (not have to worry about covering to protect rain or sweat). It incorporates an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness and adjust to the light conditions of the moment.

Garmin Edge 820

The system incorporates GPS turn by turn directions, and supports GLONASS to find the signal quickly and accurately. The mapping system Garmin CycleMap allows users to view roads and suitable routes for bike with their respective points of interest, so that the safety of the route is guaranteed and can receive indications “turn by turn” with the necessary precision in every moment.

GroupTrack incident detection and to improve safety
The Garmin GroupTrack link system allows the browser to the smartphone via the Garmin Connect Mobile application. Thus, the user can consult at any time the location of other colleagues or team members and reduce the risk of lost or separated too. The LiveTrack function is also available from other brand devices, like watches and bracelets activity vivosmart HR + or VivoActive.

Moreover, the Garmin Edge 820 has a browser detection function -after incidents compatible- connection with a smartphone with which you can send the precise location to an emergency contact in case there are any problems during the route.

Further, the apparatus can be seamlessly integrated with security systems Varia, such as rear view radar to detect traffic approaching bike.

Price and Availability
The Garmin Edge 820 browser can be purchased separately for 400 euros, or as part of a pack with accessories for 500 euros. The Garmin Connect application is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

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