Garmin Virb Ultra 30 Action cam 4K

Renewed in the design and numerous functions, and can also be used while diving thanks to waterproof housing, Garmin virB Ultra 30 produces films and photographs in high resolution. 10Hz integrated GPS and G-Metrix function allow enriching each movie with information and graphs of their performance. The color touchscreen display, you can review the footage shot, as well as fast set subsequent years.

Increasingly sophisticated to use more and more easy: looks like this new action camera Garmin virB Ultra 30 that allows you to enter the most adrenaline moments of each adventure with high-definition video and the ability to transmit images in live streaming on YouTube. And if these features that make virB Ultra 30 a top of the range product, we add the ability to voice control the main functions, we get a witness tool of our adventures.

Garmin virB Ultra 30

Among the novelties of virB Ultra 30, in fact, there Sensory TrulyHandsfree that lets you control the action cam with simple voice prompts. For example, you can start recording simply by speaking the phrase “Okay, Garmin: start recording”. When you have your hands full to firmly hold the handlebars of his mountain bike, or you risk losing the fleeting moment of a descent in deep snow, a simple instruction given to enable voice activation in less time than we employed by gripping and pressing the action cam button. Sensory function TrulyHandsfree of virB Ultra 30 is an exclusive home Garmin, and currently accepts voice commands in English only.

Every moment, every adventure, every single and most important moment will be captured, and then relived, thanks to high-definition video produced by the new virB Ultra 30. The Ultra HD technology enables the realization of movies in 4K resolution Ultra / 30fps, or in slow motion “slow motion”. Moreover, it can also take photographic images of 12 MP quality, even in the night mode with long exposure times. The integrated three-axis stabilizer ensures that the recorded images are perfect in every condition.

VIRB Ultra 30, black and dive case, UNITED STATES

VIRB Ultra 30, black and dive case, UNITED STATES

The cam action Garmin provides accommodation for additional micro SD, to save significant volumes of films and photographs. The high sensitivity microphone will capture even the faintest breath, even during a dive. Yes, because virB Ultra 30 can also be used underwater up to 40 meters thanks to Waterfproof custody, water-repellent material and anti-glare for video without imperfections. The high-resolution color touchscreen display, allows you to set your own movies with the touch of your fingers, as well as review what you signed up. The new entry in virB family has a new design: small and light-weight of 88 grams (including battery), it is characterized by the grip even in the most extreme conditions.

Perfect for those who want to share in real time the emotions of its most adventurous enterprises, virB Ultra 30 becomes the ideal tool for live streaming: with dedicated app, the action cam allows you to transmit signals in real-time high resolution video on YouTube and share them on the most popular social networks, and of course on the Garmin Connect platform. Through the same application you can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote controller.

The live streaming function is valid only for the Apple smartphone.
With virB Edit, the free software from Garmin editing, you can create video independently and ready to be shared, enriched with all the data recorded by G-Metrix and received by high-precision sensors Garmin. The user can customize their videos with information, graphics, and data fields that show, for example, distance, speed, altitude and more. This will make it possible to revise and edit movies, choose which information to display and add music to tell the most of the emotions experienced.
The new Garmin virB Ultra 30 will be available from September 2016 at a suggested retail price of 529.99 Euros. In the package also included the waterproof housing.

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