Gigabyte Aorus Camouflage Limited Edition notebook

Even if you are not imported into Italy, the gaming notebook Gigabyte Aorus are known to the Italian public because of their unique combination of performance and class-leading slim design. The metal frame and the thickness records are definitely the hallmarks of this series of laptops ranging from 13 inches dell’Aorus X3 (despite the size mounts Skylake processors and Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M GPU!) To traditional sizes 15 ” 17 “models Aorus X5 and X7 Pro.

During CES 2016, Gigabyte has completely redesigned its range Aorus making a number of changes which will be discussed in the next news, and in this paper we want to dwell on the new Camouflage Limited Edition will be available in stores starting in February on ‘ Aorus X5 and then will be extended to other models later this year.

This is not a novelty because other manufacturers of gaming notebooks offer special editions numbered and marked by colors or special finishes, such as the MSI Ghost Edition Red and Stealth Pro Silver Edition, but it should be given credit to Gigabyte have chose a decoration really original.

Gigabyte Aorus Camouflage Limited Edition notebook

The inspiration for this special edition and limited edition was provided by a modding of a user who has completely covered the black frame and aluminum notebook’s Aorus with a camouflage decoration. The result was so great as to lead the design team Gigabyte to produce it in series, but with an extremely rigorous and precise attitude that really surprised us.

Instead of a generic camouflage design, Gigabyte has chosen the scheme most famous in the world, the well-known Multicam camouflage pattern originally designed for the US military and used today by the armed forces of the middle world including Italian special forces. The Multicam pattern was then applied to the metal frame of the portable Aorus with a technique known as “cubic painting” or water transfer or water transfer printing, and lets you play back any images of three-dimensional objects using the surface tension of water .

It is thus able to imprint the design of Multicam whole frame including grids and the smallest details for a perfect result. You can see it in our video and photos in our live: notebooks Aorus livery Camouflage fade into the background making it very difficult to perceive the exact contours! Most likely the new X5 Aorus Camouflage Limited Edition and later versions X3 and X7 will be distributed in Europe by Schenker XMG-as already other notebook brand Aorus according to an agreement which we hope will soon be extended to Italy.

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