Gigabyte GP-T3GFx

Thunderbolt interface 3 is still little widespread despite being on the market for almost a year, but growing rapidly especially in the mobile arena. For the first time a single cable provides four times the bandwidth for data and twice for video than any other connection, also replacing the power cable. The new standard can achieve data transfer rates up to 40 Gbps (5GB / s theoretical) and provides support for multiple protocols: USB 3.1 first, but also DisplayPort 1.2 and PCI Express 3.0. Thunderbolt 3 is an unparalleled solution mainly because it can be used in new applications, such as video 4K, dock with a single cable and charging, integrated 10 GbE networking and external graphics.

Gigabyte GP-T3GFx

And in fact, in the last period, the docking for external graphics have multiplied and acquired a certain importance, especially combined with ultra-thin notebook and laptop computers, which could hardly sleep in their frames from a few millimeters of the high-power GPU. This is how Razer Core and ASUS ROG XG2, to which was added recently at Computex 2016, the solution Gigabyte GP-T3GFx, although at the moment it is just a concept.
It ‘just what you can see in our video test above.

E ‘it characterized by a chassis at Silverstone and integrates a Gigabyte graphics card for desktop with a powerful cooling system, called “Wind Force cooler”. The front cover is removable for access to the components, as well as the upper one with a handle for transporting it, while on the sides are positioned of large grids of ventilation that favor the circulation of air, thus keeping the temperatures under control. The design is therefore a bit ‘different from that of competitors, most essential and above all developed in a vertical (and horizontal), probably to save desktop space. We like it.
Gigabyte GP-T3GFx eGPU Thunderbolt 3
In the demo shown to the public, Gigabyte GP-T3GFx is connected to a motherboard but – in reality – could be connected to any mobile system with Thunderbolt 3 to give the graphics power of a desktop with a data transfer rate up to 40 Gbps.
Prices and availability of the docking station, external graphics are not yet known, because it is still under development. It remains a promising device that – in our opinion – will have a huge success in the future as long as there are laptops that can support it. And for now they are still few.

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