Gigaset A250

Although today all members of the family have mobile phones, the virtues and possibilities of fixed telephony are moving forward to provide users with more autonomy and greater functionality. In this sense, the German company Gigaset has just announced the presentation of the A250 model. A phone that brings communication flag simultaneously by hands free for the whole family.

Following the designs of the German company, which are usually quite recognizable visually, the A250 continues with that feeling fine compact phone and rounded finish. Internally, the first major feature that presents Gigaset in expanding its internal memory with which the phone book expands. It now has a capacity of up to 80 numbers or contacts and calls identified visually through the screen flicker. Pursuant to which the naked eye can differentiate an internal call from an external. Similarly, the Gigaset A250 has a ring signal with which also can be customized incoming calls. It also allows the possibility to transfer calendar entries between terminals.

Visually, the new A25o comes equipped with a 1.4-inch backlit display. And sound level has a great sound quality and an adjustable volume up to five levels. It also has a built-in speaker terminal.



As for their latest features worth noting the possibility of on-hook dialing with which facilitates the use of handsfree terminal. It also allows the possibility of redials the last ten numbers that have been contacted and includes a list of the last 25 missed calls. In turn it includes the possibility of using speed dial numbers ranging from 2 to 9. This model is supported by the establishment of two calls simultaneously (one internal and one external) as well as a conference call between three parties (one external and two internal).

Very important is the autonomy that presents the Gigaset A250. And it lasts up to 18 hours talk time and 200 hours standby. The coverage of this phone is up to 50 meters indoors and 300 outdoors. In turn, it is a Plug & Play phone. That is, has a very simple installation and allows use anything else connected to the telephone line and to the mains. It is also interesting paragraph concerning energy efficiency, and its Eco Dect technology delivers energy savings in domestic consumption up to 60% compared to conventional phones. To this is added the Eco function, which allows you to manually lower the transmission power of up to 80% and Eco Plus mode, which reduces up to 100%.

At first, the Gigaset A250 will be sold only in black and will cost 27 euros.

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