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PC Category Director of HP Inc., a spin-off of Hewlett Packard dedicated exclusively to PCs and printers, can not hide his pride in presenting the new convertible tablet 2in1 Professional Series. It’s called the HP Elite 1012 X2 and Attentive readers will remember that And we were already occupied briefly on a couple of occasions, including even a fast live catwalk during a press conference at IFA 2015 Intel.
The first close contact with the Elite X2 1012 reveals, however quality even superior to our expectations that make it undoubtedly the tablet of reference for the entire category, with an indisputable leadership both in terms of design both as regards the quality of robustness, reliability, manageability and serviceability highly valued in business.

If in fact the PC market is now mature and stable for a long time, with slight settling down according to the trends in each moment, the category of convertible notebooks 2in1, ie capable of turning into tablet or laptop as needed by removing or turning the keyboard, it marks a constant and significant growth in every quarter. Just one look at the Elite X2 to understand that this success is also due in some part to an emotional factor: they are very beautiful, refined products, with quality materials and whoever would like to have one on your desk instead of the old notebook.

The interest of the companies to this new format, however, is not only aesthetic and is instead linked mainly to more practical reasons. We spend less and less time in the office at the same time we also work outside of office hours for merit or fault of wireless networks and mobile broadband that make us almost always available. The 2in1 devices are perfect for the new lifestyle because suit this process overlap between professional and private are tablet when we need to work on the move or when we want to relax watching a movie, but become traditional laptops hooking a keyboard when we need to edit a document or reply to an email.

HP already offer enough articulated in this segment with 8 models with features selected to meet the needs of specific vertical markets. There are Elitepad personalized with jacket Health, Rugged and Retail to the areas of health, logistics and sales, the HP Pro Tablet and Slate 10 10 EE EE for the school equipped with HP’s suite School Pack, a Windows tablet from 8 inches, HP Pro Tablet 408, and two highly original Po Slate 8:12 with Qualcomm platform and pen ultrasonic HP Duet Pen.

To these are added a convertible with the keyboard dock, HP Elite X2 1011, which the new tablet preserves the strengths as the smartcard reader, the dock and the robustness WiGig compliant MIL-STD 810G with a design completely redesigned with new and advanced features.

The chassis of the HP Elite 1012 X2 is made of single aluminum block and the precision CNC cut and has a thickness of only 8.1mm and a weight of 840 grams (may vary depending on configurations). If you missed it, it means that the Surface Pro 4 is no longer the thinnest tablet in the world in its category, at least in the configuration with Intel Core M. Unlike the Microsoft tablet that it also comes with Intel Core i5 and i7 low voltage series Skylake U, the HP Elite 1012 X2 is fitted exclusively Intel Core M sixth generation Skylake Y.

The choice of these chips with very low thermal profile has allowed HP to use exclusively the passive dissipation to cool the internal components, for a total running noise, and at the same time made it possible to keep consumption low, with the result that the ‘ Elite X2 1012 reaches the 10 hours of battery life on a single battery charge. Storage is committed to an equally silent SSD and the total absence of moving mechanical parts, in the case of heads of the hard disk or the fan, also it allows to reduce the risks of breakage due to wear and lengthen the life cycle of the device.

HP Elite X2 1012 4
The similarities with the Surface Pro 4 not stop the processor, because even the Elite X2 1012 has a size of 12 inches but with a Full HD resolution and an aspect ratio of 3: 2. Maybe the screen is not the only point for the Surface because the convertible HP is able to match or surpass all other items on the list of specifications.

The screen coating glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and the chassis manufactured by combining two different aluminum alloys to ensure a perfect balance between lightness and strength are just some of the tricks used by HP to improve the robustness of the Elite X2 1012. Special attention It was also placed in the realization of the hinge of the stand and in the coating of the keys of the two keyboards cover available, subjecting the notebook to strict tests: 25,000 cycles of opening in the notebook mode (equal to 14 we select a day for 5 years), 10,000 cycles release-coupling of the keyboard and as many cycles of tipping the cover backward to 360 degrees, and the incredible number of 10 million keystrokes to simulate seven years of use, for a total 115,000 hours of testing.

In addition, the new Elite X2 meets the military and allows quick access to internal components for users to facilitate any maintenance or repair. Other competitive advantages of the solution of HP over competing products are the Wacom active pen technology that enables signature graphometric and recognition of 1024 levels of pressure, solid aluminum full size keyboard with QWERTY layout and Italian localization, equipped with a backlight and a broad set of connectivity options.

The thickness of HP Elite 1012 X2 is only 8.1mmLa rear stand can rotate 150 degrees
Among these we will highlight in particular a door Intel Thunderbolt 3 that lets you connect the dock Elite HP Docking Station and integrated LTE modem Qualcomm Snapdragon X5, which basically represent the best of the wired and wireless connection technology. There are two additional dock, the HP Wireless Docking Station and HP Elite-C USB Docking enriching a budget of interfaces already above average.
HP Elite 1012 X2 will be available in various configurations from December 2015 or January 2016, with prices starting at $ 899 in the US market and 999 Euros on the European market for the model with Intel Core M3, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD. Even versions entrance will feature a Wacom pen bundled but not keyboard Travel Keyboard that you can buy separately or in kit configurations higher end

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