HP Envy 13 Intel Skylake

HP offers a lightweight laptop with Intel’s sixth-generation CPU and SSD storage. How to reconcile the ultimate in portability and wallet. HP Envy 13 is available in thousand EUR

In the eternal debate between those who argue that with a 2-in-1, or a hybrid, you can do everything and buy a single device, in addition to smarpthone, and who still separates the proposals and prefers to work with a real laptop , and also have a tablet, we never hidden behind a finger, and certainly we are part of the second category.

HP Envy 13 Intel Skylake 2

HP Envy 13 Intel Skylake

For us, every computing solution must make one thing perfectly well. Then they are the ultraportable laptops (but powerful), can not make us regret the computer left home. HP ENVY 13 back arena of ultrabook thin and lightweight, directly comparable with the Macbook Air from Apple, and does so with a model with excellent plate at a reasonable price.

The model to be tested, in fact, recognized by the initials printed on the packaging and screen printed on the base of the laptop (13-d003nl) costs about a thousand euro, comes with all-metal construction, aluminum cover, with a thickness of just 13mm and the weight of 13.6 Kg. Here, it is a ‘lightweight’, but metal and battery of rank contribute to not allow that also the weight from both records. A quick review after power allows us the first considerations.

HP Envy 13
HP Envy 13
This proposal has active cooling fans, on the back rear system that did not have any discomfort during use, but not completely silent. HP has equipped this model standard HDMI output, dual USB 3.0 jack and status LEDs (power) on the right profile, while the profile left houses the Kensington lock, the outlet for SD memory cards, the third USB port 3.0 and headphone jack and microphone.

image: http://www.techweekeurope.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/HP-ENVY-profilo-sinistro1.jpg

HP Envy 13
HP Envy 13
Open the laptop here in evidence FHD IPS screen with anti-glare matte finish, that betrays the pleasantly professional nature of this proposal. The resolution WLED backlit panel is full HD. In this case it stands, however, also the wide frame boundary. Even the one next to the base of the keyboard we can define almost excessive (by an aesthetic point of view), of about 3 cm, which leaves a little bit the idea of ​​the display space wasted.

The keyboard is backlit, the keys to the island are clearly visible in the dark, but the hardware is not available adjust the backlight (but only the on / off switch). Well insulated, top left, is the power button, this model also has a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint reader can be used with HP Simple Pass, based on Softex, to remember all the passwords and choose always different.

Also true that Intel True Key and the wide availability of software for this purpose we can not really recommend HP SimplePass for its use as complete, but certainly convenient return the login process to the computer with the fingerprints recorded in this way. Are evident the speakers on the sides and express a note on the touchpad is not very high, but it is instead very large, about 11 cm, and very precise, it also works well only infinity, and without errors.

HP Envy 13
HP Envy 13
Here then begins the experience with Windows 10 64-bit is pre-installed as the default operating system, moved – is important – the Intel Core i5-6200U CPU, with the graphics integrated Intel HD 520. Standard is instead supplied RAM , 4 Gbytes soldered on the motherboard. Well the storage compartment fed with a disk of 256 GB SSD interface M.2. The CPUs (2 cores, 4 threads), the date of its release on the third quarter of this year, with its 3 MB of Intel Smart Cache, is the family’s sixth-generation Intel Core i5, and is among the first solutions ULV sixth generation with whom we come in contact, used a laptop into production, it still gains in performance than the ULV of the fifth generation, to experience significantly better graphics.

HP Envy detail buttons
HP Envy detail buttons
The benefits we discussed here extensively. In this kind of laptop, we feel, any problem can be solved as quickly as possible usually with the complete replacement of the motherboard, but it is always possible to replace the hard drive, those with the interface M.2 no exception. The allocation of RAM in this model is balanced, considering the price of the overall solution, but it is also a basic endowment now, that may not be enough for some jobs. As for the resources for the communication in the network the laptop has Wifi module 802.11 ac (2 × 2) and Bluetooth 4.0 with the possibility of use with Miracast. In the frame of the upper display the Webcam with HD resolution will allow the use of the case.

And we get to the audio, branded Bang & Olufsen, the brand is proudly displayed on the basis of the keyboard. We do not think that alone will be a reason for preference for buying from the point of view merely gain in sound. Not on this model, not in this case. It remains a good plate data while the HP Envy 13 certainly looks good compared to what competitors offer in this band. Good news regarding the autonomy and battery life to three cells, with capacity of 45 Wh it allowed us to work for more than seven hours with no worries whatsoever with email, office and navigation always active, but we have not detected a further prolonged period in order to allow an appreciation alive.

HP Envy 13, user experience and judgment

We arrive at our user experience. HP Envy 13 uses the CPU Intel’s sixth-generation ultraportable and this allows, at a price still reasonable computing experience complete, with good performance and usability overall quite good. The correct comparator, in the context of the ‘ultra’ high-end, it would be possible with the series Xps Dell, for example Dell Xps 13 and with Lenovo X1 Carbon, as regards dimensions and weight, but it is not correct to compare directly the machines, because the other models have characteristics in some respects superior, even if only in an area and, on the other hand, also come with a price much higher. Here, instead of easier comparison with low-end MacBook Air.

The strengths of the resulting solution then, as far as the hardware equipment, the choice of the sixth generation of ULV CPU, and contrary to what is the use in the field by the quality of the keyboard and the overall finish of the laptop. One would have expected more from the hard M.2 whose performances are rather average, of all Comparable with disks with SATA interface. The keyboard has short-stroke, but there has never tired, well proportioned with the touchpad. The anti-glare display is of excellent quality, it is not a touch screen, we have not missed, even if for this we would certainly complain if we could work with Windows 7 instead of Windows 10.

We have just a couple of blocks totally inexplicable, without any error message in our tests, failing to complete the PCMark 8 only in Conventional Mode with a score of 2390. A given overall positive approach to the results obtained with this laptop Asus ZenBook Pro UX305 Aurora Gold, and online, in a striking comparison with the configuration we tested the Surface Pro 3, a previous generation of Intel Core i5. As for the problems, our diagnostic led us to bring them back to the Edge, the browser, at first, but we’re not quite sure even of this, and the total lack of ability to close any application with Ctrl + Alt + Del has left open the way of diagnostics on some hardware with problems, we want to specify, absolutely related to the specific sample under test, not the template. Our opinion of the laptop remains quite positive, indeed we think HP Envy 13 in this configuration may represent part of ultrathin, one of the most balanced way of price, quality and hardware equipment offers.

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