HP Omen 15 Limited Edition AMD Radeon RX 460

The official announcement of the new GPU Nvidia Geforce 10 series notebook with Nvidia architecture Pascal has unleashed an avalanche of new gaming machines, ready for months and, for the most part, already seen at Computex 2016, just waiting for the expiry of the deadline set by the Green Team to pour on the market. In this hydro wave of portable gaming with Nvidia GPU, AMD responds with a new HP Omen 15 Limited Edition.
Premise that AMD has not officially presented its new range of mobile GPU architecture with Polaris, and then the HP Omen 15 Limited Edition is considered the first in a long series of notebooks. But also taken individually is extremely significant for a number of reasons. First, it is a special edition devoted to China and the JD online distribution channel, one of the most popular e-commerce in Asia. And the fact that the largest US manufacturer of computer along with AMD, also American, decides to turn to China for a preview of this magnitude is yet another confirmation that this country has assumed a pivotal role, not only in production but also in the technology of consumption.

HP Omen 15 Limited Edition AMD Radeon RX 460

HP Omen 15 Limited Edition is also emblematic of the new Hewlett-Packard strategy in 3D portable gaming industry; a more daring approach with which HP tries to regain lost ground compared to the Taiwanese MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte and gain market position in this fast growing sector. If HP in the past had been too selective, we could say timid, in formulating its proposal on gaming notebooks, now seems willing to groped any way: recovered the legacy VooDoo PC and with it the hearts of hardcore gamers and it is completing a lineup of solutions dedicated to players who finally is able to cover in a widespread manner all target audiences and all price ranges.
In late May, in fact, HP announced new gaming notebook Omen logo VooDoo PC in sizes from 15.6 “and 17.3” and GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 965m. A few days ago the family was enlarged with a new model 17 “Polaris equipped with Nvidia GeForce 1060 GTX or GTX 1070, and now makes way for a new 15.6” model RX 460 with AMD Radeon graphics.
Waiting for tests and independent reviews, the product page HP Omen 15 Limited Edition is the only source of information on the performance of the GPU AMD Polaris notebook. We have two sets of comparative data: the first compares the AMD Radeon RX460 Mobile GPU with its namesake desktop, the second is a score of 3DMark11 that allows us to understand how you place the Radeon RX460 against equivalent Nvidia solutions.

As seen from the chart, with titles like Dota 2, Fallout 4, GTA V, Mirror’s Edge and Shadow of Mordor, an HP Omen Limited Edition notebook with Core i5-6300HQ, 8 GB DDR4-2133 and AMD Radeon RX 460 Mobile ago score a framerate very close to that recorded by the RX 460 on a desktop with Intel Core i7-6700K processor and 16 GB DDR4-3000. Note that the GPU is the only component in the balance between the two systems because of processor and memory there is a clear difference in favor of the desktop.
AMD Radeon RX 460 Notebook, 3DMark11
As for 3DMark11, however, the AMD Radeon RX 460 Mobile is accredited by more than 8000 points and this should not just put it in a slightly higher-end GeForce GTX 960m but even on a level equivalent to that of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 965m. Is it really a surprise because it is precisely the GPU that HP has chosen on his HP notebook Omen Omen 15 and 17 in the 2016 edition currently on sale. So at the moment there are two notebook HP Omen 15 sibling but with very different prices!
Design unchanged from HP Omen 15 standard
For the rest, the HP Omen Limited Edition has no particular differences compared to HP Omen 15 standard. The frame is identical, with carbon fiber effect finish, VoodooPC logo on the cover and a thickness of 24.5mm and houses inside a cooling system with a double fan that allows to keep under control the temperature of the components. Among these, there are Intel Core i5-6300HQ or i7-6700HQ, a minimum of 8GB of RAM and M.2 SATA storage. Prices start at 6999yuan which at current exchange rates correspond to 928 euro

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