HP Omen X Desktop

Some years ago we were using the computer for, above all, we play very hard to find computers “brand” for this purpose. However, for some years computer manufacturers seem to have realized that the gamer market can give many benefits, so more and more equipment for this audience see. Still, if we think of computers for gamers, HP is not one of the brands that come to mind. However, the US company wants that to change, and the new equipment presented could get. It is called X Desktop and HP Omen is an impressive hub capable of accommodating the most demanding hardware. Let’s review what we can offer the new HP equipment.

The first thing that catches the attention of HP Omen X Desktop is its design. We found a cube-shaped box that is placed on a an angle of 45 degrees base. The box offers a three-chamber design that isolates the hottest components and provides easy access to the interior. It also incorporates an advanced lighting that will adapt as we are doing on the computer. The system also allows us to access some components without tools and incorporates a good system for managing cables. You can even opt for a version that includes a liquid cooling system.

HP Omen X Desktop
HP Omen X Desktop
HP system allows us to even modify the internal components, thus giving the user the possibility that in the future to extend the capabilities of the computer without problems, something very unusual is this type of computers. Moreover, the company offers the possibility of acquiring the empty box. Just do not leave us cheap. The price of the box without components is $ 600, do not know how it will be when the change to euros is made.

High performance components
In addition to the striking design of the box, the HP Omen X Desktop incorporates a powerful hardware inside. Manufacturers offer different configurations always in this type of equipment, but the most basic is composed by an Intel Core i7 6700K processor will be accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. NVMe storage M.2 PCIe SSD 256GB which will complement a mechanical hard drive 2 TB is responsible. As for the graphics system, we can choose any of the latest graphics cards that have appeared on the market. If we like we opt for an AMD Radeon RX480 with 4 GB of memory GDDR5 or Radeon R9 Fury. If we are more than Nvidia, we can even mount a GeForce 1080 GTX with 8 GB of memory GDDR5X, the latest and most powerful card company, even in SLI configuration.

HP Omen X Desktop

To feed all this powerful hardware you can opt for a power supply of between 600W and 1.300W. In terms of connectivity, the HP team is also well equipped. At the back we find a HDMI port, one Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB 3.0 ports and outputs digital and analog audio. In the front we have a headphone jack with exclusive high-performance amplifier and headphones DTS X, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 Type C and a card reader 7 in 1.

The HP Omen X Desktop will go on sale in October in the US with a price that will start from $ 1,800 with AMD graphics. If you choose the version with graphics of Nvidia, the price will skyrocket to $ 2,100. In addition, teams will arrive accompanied by a range of gaming products belonging to the Omen range. We will from mice and keyboards to a curved monitor.

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