HP Omen X

Following the saying “Where is Vicente” HP has surprised everyone with the presentation of its new desktop Omen X, both by design and specifications. Regarding the former, it is a cube-like design literally (you can see in the pictures), and as for the latter, by incorporating higher-end hardware possible.

Let’s start with the hardware. Of course and as the Omen X will from now the team Gaming top-end HP, and although logically the internal hardware may be modified to suit the user has the possibility of incorporating Intel Core i7 processors sixth generation, including top-end Intel has currently available.

One of the most striking things about this Omen X is the possibility of mounting systems up to two graphics cards factory, specifically can include two NVIDIA GeForce GTX in SLI 1080 or even two AMD Radeon Fury X in CrossFireX. Also, surprisingly, HP has chosen to include SSDs in U.2 format instead of the usual and M.2. Also, of course, you can add more SSDs and hard disks to suit the user.
HP Omen X
But undoubtedly the most striking, well clear of a high-end hardware, is its unusual design. And not only because its outer cube-shaped box has literally as you can see in the pictures, but also by the fact that it has a stand that holds the bucket balanced on exhibitor plan. Since the side panel features a large window of clear acrylic plastic, we can easily see everything inside the computer.

Pricewise, HP will offer this Omen X in Barebone version (ie, no processor, RAM, graphics diskless) from 599 euros. On models already come with all items ready to run the price of 2,299 euros in its most basic configuration (Core i5 processor, 16 GB DDR4, a GTX 1070 alone, SSD 256GB) but can reach astronomical figures if we decided to set the top of the range equipment. They will be available on the manufacturer’s website from September.

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