HP Powerup

HP recently announced powerup, a backpack for those who need to move with many electronic devices and gadgets. The main feature is that it integrates well wide from 22,240 mAh battery, which, as stated by the company, is able to “recharge 3 laptops with up to 17.3-inch diagonal, a tablet and a smartphone.”

The backpack also offers aerated pockets and of the temperature sensors able to detect any overheating. Interesting is the ability to set the charging priority between the various inputs, according to the needs of the moment.

HP Powerup

The backpack should also be approved to board as hand luggage in aircraft: the FCC indicates that the upper limit for the transportable battery on board is 100 Wh, while HP Powerups only reaches 84 Wh.

Externally, HP Powerup has developed very durable synthetic fabric. It is designed to resist water, but is also present (included) an extra towel for total waterproofing. Included are also provided two micro USB cables to charge smartphones and tablets, and a portable computer cable.

At the time of the gadget it seems directed at the US market alone is in preorder on Amazon.com at the price of $ 199. Shipments will begin from October 1

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