HP ProBook 400 G4 Series

HP has introduced the HP ProBook renewal of 400 computers with great battery life and enough power for day to day, designed especially for professionals. The new ProBook 400 G4 series consists of five new computers that include screens up to Full HD, Intel processors seventh generation, Type C USB ports and even dedicated graphics cards Nvidia GeForce 930 Mx for tasks requiring greater graphics capability. Let’s review what we can offer new PCs HP ProBook 400 G4.

Currently users, in addition to power, seeking design on a laptop. Manufacturers know this and therefore are already many devices that can be found in aluminum and designed ever thinner. HP has been the batteries and redesigned the new ProBook 400 G4 series to achieve a slimmer and more attractive to users computers. It has included a new color to which the company has called Asteroid Silver, which, according to the company, it is not marked with fingerprints. The touchpad also has been redesigned to expand and optimize the touch area. Despite the redesign, teams continue to maintain their level of resistance falls, shock, vibration and dust.



HP ProBook 400 G4 Series

The new HP ProBook 400 G4 series consists of five models to suit virtually any user. They all offer a substantial improvement in autonomy from the previous generation models, with a battery life of up to 16 hours. This means, according to the company, between 39% and 54% improvement over its predecessors. The smallest model in the series is the HP ProBook 430 G4, which incorporates Intel Core seventh-generation processors, 13.3-inch screen with HD resolution (although we choose Full HD screen resolution and even touch) and up to 16 GB DDR4 RAM memory to 2,133 MHz. the HP ProBook G4 430 of the 600 euros.

HP ProBook 400 G4 Series

If you need a bigger screen you can choose the HP ProBook 440 G4 or the HP ProBook 450 G4. Both feature the same hardware as the smaller model, but increase in screen size. The HP ProBook 440 G4 incorporates a 14-inch screen and HD resolution, but also offers the possibility of choosing a screen resolution Full HD and even touch panel. The HP ProBook 440 G4 will start from 560 euros. And the HP ProBook 450 G4 incorporates a 15.6-inch screen with HD resolution, also with an option to opt for a full HD resolution and touch panel. The HP ProBook 450 G4 also start from 560 euros.

HP ProBook 400 G4 Series

If you prefer a computer with AMD processor instead of Intel, we can choose the HP ProBook 455 G4, which incorporates a processor AMD A series seventh generation. The included screen is 15.6 inches and resolution HD (optional Full HD) and can include up to 16 GB of RAM. The HP ProBook 455 G4 will start from 500 euros.

Finally, if we look for a laptop with a larger screen, we have the HP ProBook 470 G4, the seventh generation Intel processors, adds a 17.3-inch screen and up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM. The HP ProBook 47 0 G4 will start from 700 euros.

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