HTC UA Band, UA Heart Rate and UA Scale

HTC and Under Armour UA presented HealthBox, the first system in the world of fitness integrated measures, monitors and controls key elements of health and fitness: sleep, exercise and nutrition. Developed and manufactured by HTC and implemented by UA Record, UA HealthBox consists of a smartband fitness, a Heartbeat detector and an intelligent balance, three interconnected devices with UA Record to allow everyone to improve their health and physical activity . The new app UA Record is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.
Together with a smartphone HTC, Android or iOS, UA Record constitutes the scoreboard to daily activities and well-being. Following the same philosophy that HTC adopts the design of its smartphones, UA HealthBox eliminates the barriers and complexity of the technology with an easy to install and use.

HTC UA HealthBox

UA Band is a smartband meant to be worn all day, every day, which keeps track of the daily activity, physical training and sleep. Data collection during the entire day making it possible to set daily goals and keep track of progress on the bracelet. UA Band has an outer shell uniform and a display that you can easily hide under a special jacket when not in use. Engineered for athletes, the bracelet features an advanced training mode that keeps the screen on while physical activity and an LED that indicates the heart rate combined with UA Heart Rate. UA Band is available in black color and is characterized by a red jacket interior to allow breathability.

Health Box - UA - Renders

Health Box – UA – Renders

UA Heart Rate is a compact monitor for the detection of the heartbeat which presents a micro-shot technology, designed to make it unnoticeable during training. The chest strap and the removable sensor helps those who use it to monitor your exercise intensity and exercise smarter. UA Heart Rate is designed to provide the most accurate possible calculation of calories burned. Joined the UA Record app, UA Heart Rate allows you to better manage your target heart rate zone.

UA Scale is a scale characterized by an iconic circular design and enabled for WiFi. The balance is made from a thin sheet of glass and presents an advanced technology of paint run that allows reading of the percentages of weight and fat mass. LED screen hidden behind the glass makes the technology invisible when not in use. The balance can serve up to eight users and, if synchronized with UA Record app shows the evolution of body weight in the control panel. UA Scale looks black with a red color scheme on the inside.

Given his unique approach, UA HealthBox was in fact designed to be an integral part of people’s daily lives, making, for this reason, the study of the utmost importance on product design. UA HealthBox is designed to standardize the range of products that make up and experience of using these. UA HealthBox will be available initially in the United States since Jan. 22, but pre-orders have already begun on the official HTC and UA and branded stores Under Armour. UA HealthBox (including UA Band, Heart Rate UA and UA Scale) will be priced at $ 400. UA HealthBox will be distributed to other retailers in the US during the first quarter and will be launched globally during 2016.

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