Intel Skylake X

In just three weeks after the launch of the Intel processors Broadwell-EP, have new details on the direct successors of these powerful chips, designed for high-end PC-Desktop segment. We speak of course of Skylake, and the precision of Skylake X, which in version 10 Core will replace the current Core i7-6950X.

According to the source, Intel will propose at least two variants, a precisely 10 Core (extreme edition) and one with 8/6 Core of the K series

Intel Skylake X

The Core i7 Skylake-X series (planned for Q2 2017) will have a 140 Watt TDP, and it seems a new socket called R4; R4 will have pins 2066, 55 more than those used on Broadwell-EP CPU.

We may also have a new chipset, but at present it is unclear whether it will be common to Kaby Lake X (a mainstream CPU 4-core with 95W TDP), always based on R4 socket. If the rumors are confirmed we could have motherboards “common”, a choice which, however, should be in contrast with the policies carried out so far by Intel.

As for the prices, we assume that the American company will maintain its current strategy, with the top model priced about $ 1,700. A lower price may, however, be practiced by Intel if current Core i7-6XXX not sell as forecast, there is also always the AMD Zen incognita.

We will keep you updated on any news regarding Intel and the market for processors, currently characterized by an almost non-existent competition.

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