iPhone 7

Although the design change has not been radical, the new iPhone 7 does present some differences with his predecessor. Metal strips that make antenna functions, and that the iPhone 6 saw crossing the back of the terminal, they have been relocated. Now they are more discreet, since they are placed at the top and bottom thereof. But it is not the only design change in the iPhone 7. Apple has joined the fashion and presented a water resistant terminal with a degree waterproof IP67, allowing immersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Another new iPhone 7 in terms of design found in the new Start button. IPhone 7 debuts a start button advanced solid state, ie, is no longer completely mechanical. Responds to touch by using the Taptic Engine technology and can be configured to our liking. It is stronger than ever and responds to pressure with absolute immediacy. Under this new button is still positioned the fingerprint reader Touch ID.

Apple has added two new black tones on the iPhone 7. The matte black model is made of satin polished aluminum with a matte finish. To make the model in glossy black has been used a polished anodizing process and high precision, achieving a pure black and uniform.
improved and new camera flash
iPhone 7

Apple used to improve the camera on every new model that launches the iPhone, and this year was going to be the exception. Although we know that the apple company is not very friendly to increase the number of megapixels, the iPhone 7 keeps the same 12 megapixel iPhone 6s, yes that used to make internal improvements in the main chamber. According to Apple, all in the iPhone’s camera 7 is new. The new camera incorporates an optical image stabilizer and improves opening up to f / 1.8. The new optical system is composed of six elements and get a much faster approach. Apple has also improved LED flash accompanying the main chamber of the iPhone 7. While the iPhone 6s incorporates a True Tone flash, this flash is composed of two LED inside, a warm and a cooler. The new True Tone flash is composed of four LEDs, and is able to offer, according to the company, up to 50% more light.

Besides improving the lens, Apple has introduced an improved signal processor in the integrated image A10 Fusion chip. Every time we make a photo or record a video, the processor will perform more than 100,000 million operations to get the best quality. The camera also features quick focus, tone mapping and more accurate white balance.

As for the front camera, the resolution amounts to 7 megapixels and wide its color range. Retina Flash function, which illuminates the display to act as light support us a selfie is maintained.

improved processor and new display
iPhone 7

Although Apple has not wanted to risk and has maintained the diagonal of 4.7 inches that has worked so well since the iPhone 6, the new iPhone 7 includes a slightly improved screen. The new screen uses the same color space that the digital cinema industry, being able to offer up to 25% more saturation than their predecessors. On a practical level this translates into more vivid, realistic and bright colors. A feature inherited from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Of course, the 3D Touch system introduced in the iPhone 6s is maintained.

iPhone 7

IPhone 7 also includes, as expected, the logical evolution of the processor in any change of generation iPhone. The new A10 Fusion is, as long as Apple, 40% faster than the A9 chip of the previous generation. The new quad-core chip incorporates a graphics processor 50% faster than the A9. As for autonomy, Apple never informs us of the battery capacity, but figures of autonomy. According to the company Apple, the iPhone battery will last two more in July than the iPhone 6s hours.

After many pleas by almost users, the US company has finally decided to say goodbye to 16 GB. IPhone 7 will have a storage capacity which will start from 32 GB, the next step being the model with 128 GB and the new maximum capacity of 256GB. Yes indeed, the company “loaded” the 64GB model, one of the favorite by users.

Wireless stereo sound speakers
As rumored, Apple has decided to remove the port of the iPhone 7. headphones Thus, the new terminal of the block included in the box the new EarPods with free lightning and, in addition, also include the adapter to connect the typical headphones 3.5 mm jack connector.

Besides we can acquire the new AirPods. Are a Bluetooth headset to be sold separately and incorporate all sound technology company on the block. With a simple touch you can configure these headphones and connect the iPhone 7. This will have to do it once, since they detect if they are set and if they are not stopped playing. The headphones incorporate the chip developed by Apple W1, which guarantees a perfect connection with all devices company. In addition, energy consumption is really low, so, according to Apple, may use the AirPods for 5 hours.

The AirPods incorporate a microphone so we can take calls and talk to Siri. Finally remark that the case of the headset includes a portable battery that will give us more than 24 hours of autonomy.

iPhone 7

The sound system integrated in the terminal also improves. IPhone 7 comes with a new stereo system with two speakers that achieves the dual acoustic power than the iPhone 6s, and a greater dynamic range.

Price and Availability
IPhone 7 can book in Spain from next Friday, September 9, and can be purchased from 16 September. As usual in recent years, the price increase over the previous model, this time in nearly 100 euros. The iPhone screen 7 4.7 fleas will be available from 770 euros for the 32GB version. If we opt for the 128GB version, we will have to pay 880 euros; while the 256GB version will rise to 990 euros.

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