Kingston SSDNow UV400

Kingston Digital announced the launch of its new family of SSDs SSDNow UV400, called for the “Ultra Value” range by the manufacturer, that is, the family is more cost brand SSD.

As economic SSDs, they are oriented to consumers looking to upgrade the system disk of your computer from a mechanical drive to an SSD, because as we have said on countless occasions, is updating most noticeable in return for relatively old equipment (as oddly enough, there are still many users who do not have an SSD in your system).

Kingston UV400 equipped TLC NAND memory chips with a controller Marvell 88SS1074, and whose theoretical performance depends on the capacity of the SSD chosen:
Kingston SSDNow UV400 2
120GB: up to 550 MB / s read and 350 MB / s writing.
240GB: up to 550 MB / s read and 490 MB / s writing.
480GB: up to 550 MB / s read and 500MB / s write.
960GB: up to 540 MB / s read and 500MB / s write.
Logically, such as solid state devices input range have the usual format 2.5-inch SATA 3 Interface, and Kingston will sell along with an “upgrade kit” consisting of lots of accessories for easy installation in any type system, including the transfer of data in the current user’s hard drive to the new SSD. This includes the following:

external box with USB connection.
Adapter for 3.5-inch bays.
SATA Cable.
Acronis Data Migration Software for cloning the disk.
Kingston UV400 2

The new Kingston SSDNow UV400 arrive shortly to the market in the above capabilities, and although the manufacturer has said that its range is “Ultra Value” and therefore its price should be really low, have not indicated at what price will come. In all cases, they have an average life time between failures of one million hours and are backed by three-year warranty directly with the manufacturer.

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