LEAGOO Elite X and Elite Y

The range of smartphones LEAGOO Elite not only includes premium smartphone as the highly anticipated LEAGOO Elite Pro processor deca-core Mediatek Helio X20 which was already addressed previously, but also end models input and intermediate. To unite all these terminals is therefore not the price, but the focus on the design and research of intelligent technical solutions and original.
LEAGOO Elite X and Elite Y
In this article we will focus on two models in particular, LEAGOO LEAGOO Elite Elite X and Y, both unpublished and exclusive preview Notebook Italy. Elite X not reserve special surprises on the side of the technical equipment, relying on a popular processor Mediatek MT6735A quad-core 1.3GHz 64bit with LTE FDD or TDD integrated, accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM. The amount of memory is clearly superior to the average, as well as the battery capacity of 3000mAh and allow us to intuit that the price of the Elite X will not be of the lowest.

If the components no surprises, however, shows a clear design innovations: LEAGOO Elite X has a room rotatable 16MP with dual-LED flash built. It is not the first experiment on the theme of the room rotatable or reversible, but the vertical tilting system chosen by LEAGOO is particularly successful because you can always have the LED flash for both modes of use. Not only do selfie of excellent quality thanks to the high-resolution sensor, or take groufie thanks to the higher angle of the lens, but you can also do selfie at night!

The master 16MP flips and serves as both a rear chamber is chamber for selfie
The form, including the room is square shaped with rounded corners which perfectly complements the aesthetics of the frame. The latter will be available in three colors, black, white or gold as one of our gallery, and have compact dimensions thanks to the display from 5 “Full-HD” semi-borderless “that virtually eliminates the thickness of the sides of the frame screen to facilitate a grip easier and have a smaller footprint in your pocket. There’s even a fingerprint sensor Fingerprint ID with the same square shape of the camera lens to demonstrate a very high attention to detail, that now there more surprising given the excellent level of quality achieved by Chinese producers.

We also note that missing buttons typical physical Android LEAGOO replaced by the logo, a choice similar to that of many other smartphones destined to come to market directly with Android 6.0 preinstalled Marshmallow. Eager to buy one of the first examples of LEAGOO Elite X? Unfortunately you have to wait in February 2016 for the commercial availability of these smartphone and then we hope to be able to give an update at the MWC 2016 in Barcelona.
He should be the imminent launch of the Elite LEAGOO Y, expected by the end of 2015 or at the latest by the beginning of 2016. Although it is within the same family of Elite and Elite Pro X, it is clear that this smartphone has a target price of users completely different. Elite Y will appeal to the very young (Y is for Youth), who routinely seek device design colorful and affordable because they change phone quickly and try to keep up with the latest trends and the latest releases in the field of hardware and software.

The color is in fact the dominant theme of LEAGOO Elite Y that exhibits a white frame and an interchangeable cover in four vibrant colors: green, yellow, red or blue. The cover also has a streak vertical relief that improves grip when holding the smartphone and will also help hide fingerprints and dirt. A good idea because we can imagine that the young will make intensive use of the Elite and Y do not want to waste time cleaning or maintenance.
On the back cover there sn also Streaks for migliorre grip

A convenience and ease of use that is also reflected in the data sheet that provides for two different processor options: Mediatek MT6735P, quad-core LTE at 1GHz, or Mediatek MT6580 3G-only. We conclude that the LEAGOO Elite Y will come to market with prices also very aggressive, although the Chinese House intends to ensure, however, a user experience smooth and responsive. Hence the decision to install well 3GB memory paired with 16GB of storage; a combination quite remarkable for one entry-level smartphone.

The rest of the hardware equipment includes a screen 5 “IPS HD, 5MP front room and master bedroom to 13mp and a battery capacity (2300mAh). Reappear physical buttons along the bottom edge of the screen, but we believe that this evidence is not enough to take us to draw conclusions about the presence or absence of Android 6.0. For this and other details give you an appointment to a next update

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