Lenovo Air 13 Pro Review

The Lenovo brand, one of the best companies is currently positioning itself in the computer market, wants to compete with Apple launch big. Therefore, it has opted for the Lenovo Pro Air 13, a team of very thin ultrabook type and 13-inch screen and a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940MX of.

Lenovo is strengthening its struggle for the conquest of ultrabook sector where highlighted Apple for a long time and where Xiaomi also wants to gain a foothold thanks to computer My Notebook Air, announced the same day the Lenovo Air 13 Pro and available in two different sizes of screen.

A powerful and competitively priced ultrabook
The Lenovo Pro Air 13 has already been announced in the Chinese market for a very competitive price: $ 750 (about 676 euros). So far no details about its launch internationally known, but it is likely that if it reaches other countries do it another name, because its design is quite similar to Ideapad 700/710.
Lenovo Air 13 Pro review
The computer has an Intel Core i5-6200 Skylake processor and 4 GB of RAM, internal memory plus 256GB SSD type. The screen is IPS type with a size of 13 inches and full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). One of the strengths of the computer is the commitment to a dedicated graphics card, the GeForce 940MX NVIDIA.

As for connections, it supports 802.11 ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1, and a USB Type C port, a USB 2.0 port and a headphone jack. The sound section is completed by 1 W stereo speakers and dual microphones.

The characteristics are therefore very similar to those of the new ultrabook presented by Xiaomi, so it seems that competition is served in the sector over the coming months, and will wait to see how it affects models such Apple .

Regarding the operating system, Lenovo ultrabook Air 13 Pro will bring already preinstalled Windows 10 series.

Portability, battery and some new
Lenovo Pro Air 13

In addition to the striking price we’ve already mentioned (the change could be placed at a price of about 676 euros), the main attractions of Lenovo Air 13 Pro are on the graphics card and e n Portability ease of handling.

This new Lenovo computer has a thickness of 14.8 mm weighs just 1.29 kilograms. Its battery is 48 W.

Moreover, the Lenovo Air 13 Pro will incorporate a striking novelty: A fingerprint reader that could have very well received by users of such computers.

Xiaomi also released to compete with the Macbook Air
The same day he announced the Lenovo Pro Air 13, the Chinese brand has also announced Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air models with very similar characteristics and with two different options: an ultrabook 12.5-inch screen and 4 GB RAM and a 13.5-inch screen and 8 GB of RAM (of course, there are also differences in the processor and the price).

As for storage, the 12.5-inch model will offer 128GB SSD, while the 13.5-inch generally far more like the model Lenovo- will offer 256GB SSD.

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