Lenovo B41-30

Endless Computer is working on several fronts, with only one goal: to computerize five billion people living in the most disadvantaged areas of the world, the so-called “emerging markets”, giving them the ability to use a PC. In recent years, the team has developed an operating system based on Linux and called for the note Endless OS free download and has raised funds with a couple of campaigns on Kickstarter for the production of Mini PC with a very special design and with a budget essential technique in order to carry out the most important daily activities.
In practice Endless want to give a computer to those who can not afford it, but they would need. Especially in Mexico and Brazil.

Lenovo B41-30

Thus acquires a key role in the partnership with Lenovo: some of the devices of the Chinese giant will be sold with Endless OS pre-installed, allowing users to access information without having a fast Internet connection, stable and steady. And this is precisely one of the main characteristics of the open-source operating system, ie providing basic functionality (encyclopedia, recipes, games, music, maps and other applications 100) without any internet connection. With its simple and intuitive interface, even the less experienced will enjoy a pleasant experience both in terms of quality and content.

The first product chosen by Lenovo is a notebook: the Lenovo B41-30. Will be equipped with a screen 14-inch anti-glare HD (1366 x 768 pixels), Intel Celeron processor N3050 1.6GHz, 2GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive. On board, there is also room for a 4-cell battery, two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 and a 720p webcam. There should also be an integrated optical drive, but we are not yet certain of the recorder presence in the South American version because it is not mentioned in the data sheet.
The price is not yet known, but it certainly will be lower than that to which they are proposed Lenovo B41 with Windows in Europe. In Italy they are not distributed, but only by way of comparison the Lenovo B51-80 FreeDOS with Core i5 start at € 400 in our market, so the Lenovo B41 with Endless OS and Celeron could reach € 200. The marketing will start in the coming weeks through wholesalers Ingram Micro and PCH

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