Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet

Lenovo offers the new ThinkPad X1 Tablet from 1500 euro. strength can use with modules dedicated for video projection and autonomy infinite

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet is one of the most complete hybrid solutions proposed as part of the 2-in-1. It is indeed, in effect, a tablet that just as it is, already incorporates all interfaces and expansion possibilities, included in the package with a full keyboard, virtually identical to what we are accustomed to using for some time with ThinkPad series of laptops.

The characteristic modularity of this model includes a Productivity module that increases the battery life up to to 15 hours, the availability (incoming) of the Presenter module, with a pico-projector and an additional HDMI port, finally, the solution is available to create 3D thanks to an Intel RealSense camera.
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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet
We feel this tablet as it is, with the keyboard that is included in the package and which is distinguished from other proposals because, as mentioned is really the identical replica of the proposal on the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop keyboard, so even with the typical Lenovo TrackPoint.

Keyboard ThinkPad X1 Tablet – the same user experience offered by that for ThinkPad laptop, provided you keep it firmly pressed against the floor, otherwise it is in our opinion too flexible
ThinkPad X1 Tablet wants to satisfy all the needs of professional computing in the field office, as well as the entertainment needs on the move, with a small footprint given by the thickness of a pencil, and weighs just 1.1 kg (tablet and keyboard together) while only tablet weighs about 800 grams. The dell’abbinata thickness is in practice equivalent to that of the stylus included in the package (only the tablet is often just 8.4 mm), which proceed to attach both to the tablet, both to the keyboard, both the magnetic hinge that binds tablet and keyboard without the risk of losing it.

ThinkPad X1 Tablet, the description

Let’s get into the details of the description of this solution. ThinkPad X1 Tablet comes with a 12-inch panel, IPS with 2160 × 1440 resolution in the ratio 3: 2. On the back is well visible a kind of releasable flange via a lever, that will be the support wing to support the tablet on the work table.

This flap is hinged to the base, not at the top as is the case with the Microsoft Surface. Tablet are laid out all interfaces. Profile higher the power button on the right terms, the Mini Display port, the crack of a speaker, a USB 3.0 connector and USB-C connector that will also serve to power the device.
Note that in the USB 3.0 plug is possible to embed the support for the stylus, included in the package. On the left from top profile are found the connector for headphones and microphone (mini-jack), the volume control, the speaker, and the security slot to fasten the device to a desk. The frame instead reveals a front camera, the indicator of its operation, the ambient light sensor; follows at the top right the NFC reader (optional) while on the right frame in our model is the sensor of the fingerprint.

This model is also interesting the back, in fact raising the flap is found the slot for the nano-SIM will provide LTE connectivity (is optional), the hole for the reset, and the slot for the insertion of microSD card. We did not find particularly practical, when in use, the uncoupling lever fin, which however has the advantage of not allowing the tablet to have moving parts when it is at rest. At the top here is the camera with flash. The specifications tell that the front webcam works with a 2 MP sensor and the rear with an 8 MP sensor with flash. The microphone is a dual-array type.

We have already considered part of the keyboard, which has a single slot which will allow, in the case, the insertion of an additional support for the stylus. As for the keyboard – backlit – we promote suffered with flying keys and pointing devices.

However overall, albeit with a certain stiffness, appreciated, we can not really argue that the typing experience is identical to that possible with the laptop when the keyboard is under the chassis with all the components and then a completely different rigidity. Mind you, in our opinion this is not a limitation of this solution Lenovo, but the form factor of the hybrid 2-in-1 with very few exceptions.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet, specifications

Let us never forget. Hybrid 2-in-1 are no longer simply tablet, given the possibility of expansion and computing power, but we must not delude ourselves to buy a laptop in effect for any workload. However, this model, in the configuration we feel, is very close to the objective to make us forget the notebook.

Of course, this size, so small (28,5x19x1 cm), practically forcing the use of the CPU of Intel’s Core M series, which lose the comparison with Intel Core i5 and i7, but allow for passive cooling; However, with a 512-Gbyte SSD (Samsung MZVKV512), with 8 Gbytes of RAM and Intel Core m7-6Y75 to 1.20 GHz you will never find difficulty in sustaining any work commitment.

Always in office, mind you. If you plan to use for video editing and professional image editing solution of this kind, perhaps it is good to evaluate other proposals nell’alveo with Intel Core i5 or i7. The graphics provides in this case the Intel HD 515 solution.

ThinkPad X1 Tablet is available even with SSD up to 1TB of RAM and 16 GB with Intel WiGig support and supplied the dock Lenovo ThinkPad WiGig. The price certainly does not make these solutions available to everyone: the minimum configuration costs over 1500 EUR (VAT included) but unfortunately no LTE connectivity.

Luxury hotels which we have just spoken, but with 512-Gbyte SSD still costs the beauty of around 2,500 Euros. then two intermediate configurations with the advantage of also have the LTE connectivity are available.
The one with Intel Core m5, 8 GB of RAM and 192 GB of SSD memory costs about 1800 Euros instead the model with the same processor we feel, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD costs about € 1950. They are very important figures.

You should therefore always evaluate carefully the price of so much lightness and mobility, because if your idea of ​​using it for most of sedentary time, maybe the laptop will still be a good solution and allow to have more power at a lower price, with maybe the possibility to choose a tablet even more portable and with another operating system, spending around virtually the same amount.

The fund of connectivity in our case includes WiFi 802.11 a / c 2 × 2 MIMO, LTE Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 and NFC support module, the fingerprint reader is always present.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet, user experience and judgment

This proposal Lenovo, considered the available hardware equipment and the different options of configurations, is for sure a top solution value. The reported modules, we have not had a chance to try, to enhance the flexibility of ThinkPad X1 Tablet, real gem.

The total portability is excellent, as the ergonomics of the form factor on the whole, although we would have preferred more grip in the stylus, which is impeccable but too smooth, a bit ‘slippery, whereas with a rough finish would offer a better grip.
The angle of the display is virtually freely adjustable, even though more than 150 degrees is easier than the tablet adages on the floor.

Great satisfaction to meet the keyboard of the ThinkPad, though, for the vibrations generated when you type energetically, and is held inclined, will never be the same experience. Of course, the problem does not arise when it rests entirely on a rigid surface. ThinkPad X1 Tablet is convenient to always keep with him, very close to the hybrid dream was to become a stiffer keyboard and Intel Core i7. So ThinkPad X1 deserved top marks, because it could fully replace a traditional ultraportable.

The dissipation is efficient, because the user using the device as a laptop will not notice the heat, however, using the unit as a tablet our sample showed a significant warming of the back, which can prove annoying when using the tablet resting on knees and holding hands. You can do better. The heating can be heard even if you place the glass at hand when using the stylus. It ‘a sign that the hybrids, when they want to be generous performance, they have to find some compromise, and you would not want to compromise when it comes to spending over 1500 euro.

As for the performance of our PCMark 8 have scored a score of 2020 points Conventional Home, the closest configuration that can compare to this is that of Dell Latitude 12 7275, which had stopped at 1888 points (but also had SSD 256 Gbytes). We confirm again that the Intel Core iX series have always registered in our performance tests significantly higher, is an aspect to be taken into account during the purchase

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