Lenovo Yoga 900S and Lenovo Yoga 710S

Activists Digital Freedom are on red alert since it has been discovered that holders of notebooks Lenovo Yoga 900S and Lenovo Yoga 710S users can not change the preinstalled operating system on their computers by Linux (or other) because of a blockage established following of an agreement between Microsoft and Lenovo.

The story is this: a user (specifically BaronHK Reddit) tried to remove Windows 10 Signature Edition of the Lenovo Yoga 900S, but for one thing or another could not make the change. He opened a ticket at the Lenovo technical support and they answered him literally the option to switch operating system “has been blocked due to an agreement with Lenovo Microsoft”. You can see the response of a representative of Lenovo in the following screenshot.

Lenovo block linux

900S and 710S in Yoga, Lenovo installs a soft-RAID proprietary software that is not recognized by any installer Linux operating system. You can not even set the SATA hard drive mode in the BIOS to try to get the Linux driver recognizes it simply appears that there is a hard drive in the system. But this goes even further, because you can not even format the computer to reinstall Windows 10, so if you want or pressing F6 during installation to add additional drivers for Lenovo.
And now comes the good, and that is a Live CD of Ubuntu, for example, you can start any of these laptops with Linux without problems, so Lenovo can not argue in any way that your hardware is not compatible with Linux. Simply, and as explained by the representative of the company, they have blocked the installation of any operating system because of an agreement between Lenovo and Microsoft. And of course, without warning the user.

So the only way for an owner of a Lenovo Yoga 900S or 710S of “format” your computer is to perform a “reset to factory settings” which will put Windows 10 Signature Edition with Lenovo software preinstalled as if we had just bought the team.

Lenovo meanwhile has not only not given an official answer to this, but your photo thread support where the user setting out the complaint has been deleted (thankfully Internet cached copies exist). Microsoft, meanwhile, has not made any statement about it.

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