LG PH450U and PH150G

LG has announced the release of two new LED projectors belonging to MINIBEAM range. The novelties are called PH450U and PH150G. Both are characterized by compact dimensions and by the use of a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. PH450 is the larger size model. The distinctive feature of this product is the presence of a lens to ultra-short throw. And ‘in fact can be projected on a screen from 80 “to 33 centimeters. LG has PH450U designed to function also on tables or flat surfaces.

If you put the projector vertically so you can turn a desktop into a screen. The technical specifications report a brightness of 450 lumens and a long service life (estimated at 30,000 hours). The contrast ratio is 100,000: 1 and is also an integrated media player on the USB port or via Wi-Fi. The budget also includes Bluetooth, an HDMI input with MHL and an integrated battery, which guarantees 2.5 hours of operation.

LG PH450U and PH150G 2

LG PH450U and PH150G
PH150G is rather smaller: measuring about half PH450U. Specifically we speak of 115 x 115 x 44.5 mm with a weight of 450 grams. The lens is not ultra-short shot and falls to 130 lumens brightness. E ‘instead is integrated battery life that should be similar to that of PH450U.

The two projectors will be available from September to October: For PH150G it comes to a price of about $ 350 while PH450U is expected to be about $ 650 (prices are still unofficial, and to be confirmed).

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